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Here’s “Three Little Kittens” from a rare 1918l one sided miniature 78rpm shellac record from a children’s set of 3 which came in a booklet playing on my lovely 78rpm HMV Windup gramophone model 109 with a number 4 soundbox.
The Animal Bubble Book Book #4, with 3 x miniature 78rpm Records -Mayhew, Ralph and Johnson, Burges – The Bubble Books.” This series of books is believed to be the earliest set of books and records to be published together for children, published at a time when the record business was just emerging.

“Three Blind Mice” is an English-language nursery rhyme and musical round.[1] It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 3753. – Singing b y 3 Little Kittens; 3 Little Pigs; 3 Blind Mice. Pictures by Rhoda Chase – Columbia Record Company circa 1918………….

Origins and Meaning ………….

“Three Little Kittens” is an English language nursery rhyme, probably with roots in the British folk tradition. The rhyme as published today however is a sophisticated piece usually attributed to American poet Eliza Lee Cabot Follen (1787-1860). With the passage of time, the poem has been absorbed into the Mother Goose collection. The rhyme tells of three kittens who first lose, then find and soil, their mittens. When all is finally set to rights, the kittens receive their mother’s approval and some pie. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 16150.

The poem was first published in Britain in 1833 as an anonymous addition to a volume of Follen’s verse and in the United States in 1843. Follen may have developed and refined an existing, rude version of the poem, and, in the process, made it her own. The poem is a sophisticated production that avoids the typical moralization of 19th century children’s literature in favour of anthropomorphic fantasy, satirical nonsense, and word play. It is one of the first pieces of children’s romantic literature produced for amusement and entertainment, and may be the source of the idiom “to smell a rat”.

According to Janet Sinclair Gray, author of Race and Time, “Three Little Kittens” may have origins in the British folk tradition, but the poem as known today is a sophisticated production far removed from such origins. Gray supports her assertion by pointing out that the cats are not the barnyard felines of folk material but bourgeois domestic cats who eat pie and wear mittens. Gray observes that the mother cat’s disciplinary measures and the kittens’ need to report their movements to her are also indicators of a bourgeois status. “Three Little Kittens” is attributed to Bostonian Sunday school teacher and abolitionist, Eliza Lee Cabot Follen (1787-1860), a member of a prominent New England family and the author of the juvenile novel The Well-Spent Hour. Gray explains that “Kittens” is unlike any of Follen’s typical poems, but also notes that Follen is just the sort of person who would write such a piece. It is unlikely Follen composed “Kittens” wholecloth, Gray believes, but rather far more likely that she developed and refined an existing but rude version of the piece. In doing so, she made the poem her own. Although Follen disclaimed authorship following the poem’s first appearance in print, she continued to publish it under her name in succeeding years.

The poem was first printed in 1833 in Britain in Follen’s Little Songs for Little Boys and Girls. It was an addition to the volume and probably inserted by the publisher. In the introduction to a subsequent edition, Follen denied any hand in the poem’s composition, but took it under her wing and claimed ownership as the poem passed through various reprints. The poem was first published in the United States in 1843 in Follen’s New Nursery Songs for All Good Children. An 1856 American reprint was subtitled “A Cat’s Tale, with Additions”.[2][3] In 1858 R. M. Ballantyne elaborated Follen’s poem and published his prose version in a volume of the Good Little Pig’s Library. This version included a musical setting for Follen’s poem.


Maya singing, kittens & more!


kittens petits chats قطط صغيرة


Kittens!!!!!! 2


Kittens playing – Funny

My two beautiful kittens having so much fun, best playmates

Котята и крольчата / Kittens and rabbits
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