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Roswell Kittens – Exploding Kitten

Watching John looking at pictures is great, until you get so intent on the camera that a slight movement is scary. You’d think there was a cucumber in the room or something! Sheesh.

The Roswell kittens are Foster Dad John’s 51st litter, so the theme seems appropriate. Mama Ros was surrendered to Purrfect Pals where she gave birth to three fuzzy jellybeans on January 19th. Two boys and a girl – the girl is grey and named Ziggy (Stardust). The boy with the slight kink to his tail is Spock, and the boy with the slight white tip to his tail is Orion. We’re going to be seeing all shades of black and grey this time, so get your eyes checked. =)

For more information about this litter check out Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA, ( or view the Kitten Cam at


This is a compilation about little cute kittens discovering the World! And if you want to discover the World, you have to climb a tree, learn what’s a mirror, learn how to use a litter box, meet other animals, climb stairs, play in the snow, bathe and so on 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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“Scheming Weasel slower” Kevin MacLeod (
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I need help to name three KITTENS please leave name in the comments

My kittens have blue eyes


Mina’s Devon Rex Kittens | Feb-Apr 2015

In between diving we have been raising 4 lovely Devon Rex kittens!

Animal shelters charging more for puppies, kittens

To help pay for escalating care costs and also to give older pets a chance at getting adopted, many animal shelter have tiered pricing that charges more for puppies, kittens and purebreds.

My Cute Little Kittens Playing

Hey this is Mandar here and today’s video is not gaming related but it’s actually about my kittens. I shot this while they are playing and just share with you. Hope you like it. Share it with your friends and help me to grow my channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Have a good day 🙂

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A pair of young kittens have been rescued from a home in Britain after authorities found them covered in blue and green permanent marker. The kittens were reportedly removed from a West Yorkshire home and handed to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue by police on Monday. While the kittens were each given a cute name, rescuers made clear that little Smurf and Shrek are victims of abuse. Police were on the property for another animal welfare issue involving a dog when they found the cats.

Ninja Hell Kittens Live RB4 PS4 Broadcast



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