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The three kittens I found


Kittens in the car?


Exotic-looking wild kittens rescued from barn

A Gaston woman found two very young and unusual kittens in her barn Saturday. They weighed just a couple ounces each and didn’t appear to be opening their eyes, but it was their black spots and hairless feet that made them look exotic.

Alicia Jones brought the kittens to the Animal Rescue Fund in Muncie. Angela Sexton, ARF’s cat expert, knew right away they weren’t regular kittens, and a local veterinarian agreed.

Sexton said they looked more like a leopard than a tabby.

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I don’t care if I spelled it wrong.

My cat had kittens!


Beautiful kittens


Baby kittens and momma


Introducing Me and the kittens


Cute kittens attack !

Cute kittens are out to get the world
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