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2 Faera x Blaze Kittens 3 weeks old 2


Kittens trample

The three kittens at my friends house are trampoline the other kitten

Nuclear Kittens | Exploding Kittens

Yo Guys Void Chopper Here And The first Video On This YouTube Channel Will Be Me Playing Exploding Kittens So I Hope You Guys Enjoy.

Kittens Veerle

21 april 2016

Kittens, just kittens!

Lots of love happening here at the Sanctuary. This litter was rescued from a local kill shelter just days from being euthanized. We brought them here and nursed them to health, not sure if they’d make it or not. But all did and all have since found their forever homes.

Check out my other cat video called “The cats you will not want in your home” I am pretty sure its called that right?

Siamese and Bengal Kittens


Roswell Kittens – Morning 4-21

Quick morning stop in before heading in to work. Lovely plush kittens climbing on John for snuggles. It’s got to be hard to tear himself out of the room to go face traffic and a cold office environment.

The Roswell kittens are Foster Dad John’s 51st litter, so the theme seems appropriate. Mama Ros was surrendered to Purrfect Pals where she gave birth to three fuzzy jellybeans on January 19th. Two boys and a girl – the girl is grey and named Ziggy (Stardust). The boy with the slight kink to his tail is Spock, and the boy with the slight white tip to his tail is Orion. We’re going to be seeing all shades of black and grey this time, so get your eyes checked. =)

For more information about this litter check out Purrfect Pals in Arlington, WA, ( or view the Kitten Cam at


My kittens are here?


via YouTube Capture
Theses guys are supposed to be my new office managers. They don’t seem too interested in work, but they sure do play hard!
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