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Lexie And Levi are up for adoption threw C.A.R.E They will be available for adoption after all vetting is done. But If you are in the NC, SC area and are interested in either please fill out the Online Application. Background music is copyright free and can be found at

Cat bullies kitten

12 year old cat bullies 3 month old kitten.

Disney’s Frozen (Cute Kitten Version)

Disney’s Frozen remade with kittens as told by a little girl!
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Producer, Director, Editor: Gabe Evans
Assistants: Jessica Porper, Scott Kelley
Narration: Julia Womby

Special Thanks: Cats at the Studios Rescue


Talking Kitty Cat 49 – Kittens vs. Vacuum

Nothing can scare a kitten more than a vacuum. Sylvester the talking kitty cat isn’t happy knowing that the Random Gibson kittens are staying for two more weeks, Shelby is on egg shells and Random Kitty is confusing. Flaggle Claggle

We found our kittens!!! P2


Silver/white and black/white Kittens

Silver/white and black/white Kittens

New baby kittens


Sweet kittens for sale lol


ADORABLE Kittens In My Yard!!! ❤️


Meri uses the toy to entertain Tortie and Elsie.
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