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Rip kittens


The kittens brick house?!

Thx for wacthing this video!

Patience’s Kittens – Re-relocating Ladybug

How adorable is a sleepy Ladybug? How extra adorable is a sleepy Ladybug on her heating puck being kissed on the head by John? Can your heart stand the cute? Only one way to find out.

Patience was surrendered to Purrfect Pals where she finished out her pregnancy and had five kittens, yet to be named. There is some uncertainty about her age and whether this is her first litter – however that all played out it is certainly her last. The kittens were named by a random selection of previous adopters. Kitten names and descriptions: Sir Tommy Two Decks (Tommy) – White back with spot between shoulder blades. Klondike – Larger white back kitten. Deuces – Larger white back kitten with two spots back. Ladybug – Smaller version of Deuces. Diplomat (Dip) – Smaller version of Klondike. Mama is named after the Patience solitare card game, her kittens are named after the Patience genre card games.

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Kittens Ep. 1

A 1 or more minute series of of cats and their day to day life, so you guys get daily cat videos for a change and gameplay once my Ps4 is running good again. Have a smashing day!

Yoga Kittens — Meowasana Round 1

See Yoga Kittens Mermelada and Lilly in action for Meowasana Round 1. Help us grow our services in La Manzanilla, Mexico by supporting the Bending Tree Expansion Project. The goals of this project are to offer YogaCommunity classes for adults and children; YogaScholarships; plus offer additional places to host teachers and retreats. Learn more about our project and how you can be a part of the Community of Inspiration here:

My kittens lucy babies


Dominic babysit Rascal kittens

Dommie is such a good boy

Baby kittens awe

Lol I saw baby kittens they were adorable


and I will change your life forever
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