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Yandere Dev just dropped the new July Progress Report Update, so we’ve gotta check it out with a Yandere Simulator Gameplay Livestream! Checking out all the new features that Yandere Dev dropped in the new July 24th patch!

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Music provided in game, and by MonsterCat


毎日、仔猫モモのことが気になってしょうがないおさむ。襖を開けて無理やり入ってきました。モモは部屋を分けて過ごしているので、おさむは気になってガラス戸越しに見たり、鳴いたりと。猫たちを会わせる時間は、モモはおさむには威嚇しなくなりました。おさむは一番年齢も近く、モモを妹のような感覚なのかもしれません。噛まれても蹴られても、モモに怒らず相手をするおさむです。1年前の小さなおさむも、大きな猫たちと遊びたくて、立ち向かって行ったことを思い出します。 9匹の猫に立ち向かう子猫のおさむ Osamu the kitten outbraved the 9 cats
FRESH! by AbemaTV

Too Cute Cats and Kittens Compilation | July 2016 SUBSCRIBE: . New video every Tuesday ! Starring: Cat Coco, Toffee, Rocky, Panda, Tyson and Kittens.
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Cat Coco gave all the kittens themselves, without requiring anything in return! Cute and funny kittens owe everything to his mother – Coco!
Watch a video about cute and funny Scottish Fold kittens and share with friends!
Music: ” ” by Kevin MacLeod ISRC:

People Hold Kittens For The First Time

“As long as it doesn’t grow up to be a cat, I like kittens.”

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Music Title
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

SFX provided by Audioblocks. 

Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Made by BFMP


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Patience’s Kittens – Afternoon 7-26

Lunchtime! Mama’s so helpful, always ready to clean a kitten’s messy face. Even better if she can grab the food herself and keep them from getting messy in the first place, right? Such a sacrifice. =)

Patience was surrendered to Purrfect Pals where she finished out her pregnancy and had five kittens. Four boys and one girl. There is some uncertainty about her age and whether this is her first litter – however that all played out it is certainly her last. The kittens were named by a random selection of previous adopters. Kitten names and descriptions: Sir Tommy Two Decks (Tommy) – White back with spot between shoulder blades. Deuces – Larger white back kitten with two spots back. Diplomat (Dip) – Smaller version of Klondike. Two did not make it – Klondike, a boy, and Ladybug, the girl. Mama is named after the Patience solitare card game, her kittens are named after the Patience genre card games.

Follow her on Livestream at, or on Facebook at
Shelter info at


My friend’s cat had kittens!

Hello, everybody! So, my friend took in a stray cat and, as it turned out, that cat was pregnant! Here’s some cute kitten footage for you to enjoy. ( I was gonna edit the audio but when I did that you couldn’t hear the licking and yawning and stuff very well, so I decided to just leave the audio as is).
Recorded by Sara (Little Darling) & is not affiliated with TK, Shelly or LAPS in any way. I capture vids so others can see it when they have time. There’s confusion about that sometimes, so I wanted to clear that up 🙂

“KoonieKat” And Her Cute Little Kittens.

“KoonieKat” is a feral mother cat in Northeastern Manitoba, Canada. She had a litter of four feral kittens. They come together as a family and dine every morning and evening. Loving, caring people in this small country town help feed this family of five. “KoonieKat’s” family are all very grateful. There is great pleasure feeding these beautiful felines.

Pretzel and her two siblings were dumped at the shelter within hours of their birth – still covered in amniotic fluid, umbilical cords still attached but Kitten Rescue of Los Angeles, CA refused to let them die.

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Full Story:
“It looked like someone shook up kittens parts in a can.” says Laura, Pretzel’s foster at Kitten Rescue based in Los Angeles, CA.

Pretzel and her two siblings were born and immediately dumped at a local LA shelter. Upon seeing them, it was it was apparent one of the reasons why. They were born with serious genetic abnormalities that made just living a challenge. On the outside, their arms and legs were twisted awkwardly in making walking, in the future, impossible.

The problems on the inside were not immediately discernible until the first night when one of the kittens died. Within months, Curly Sue also died of a massive heart attack.

Pretzel was the lone survivor. Her will to live was strong. Her personality was no different than any other cat. She didn’t care that her legs were useless and she had to crawl to reach laps. What mattered was that she got there.

Today, Pretzel is living in the perfect home with a perfect Mom. Pretzel is Michelle’s first cat, but she loves Pretzel so unconditionally that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Help Pretzel Get A Wheelchair, you can donate her:

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✿ Crew
Director: Hai-Lam Phan
Producer: Dawn Poomee

✿ Music provided by
Premium Beats

Creative Commons Attribution music by Chris Zabriskie
The song was not modified in any way.
“Prelude No.6” by Chris Zabriskie
Find more of Chris’s music here:

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***All people, locations, photos, footage and logos have been used with express written consent from all parties.***

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