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Haii kittens this is an update


5 of our foster kittens snuggled together (Olivia is missing here). Please excuse our silliness and laughing about the ‘toupee tail play’ LOL. All of these guys and Cheri & Olivia will be ready for adoption by this Saturday, the 23rd at Tulsa Animal Welfare. This Saturday, the adoption fee will be lowered to only $10! This includes all of their shots and their sterilization. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of these guys! Adoptable at Tulsa Animal Welfare. UPDATE! The Clear The Shelter Event was a huge success with 166 adoptions! The shelter is so full that the clinic had to deviate from the schedule and sterilize as the animals get adopted. Some of their new humans might have to wait a few days to pick up their new new fur baby after they’ve had their surgery. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe for more cute kitten videos!

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The very end of the Periscope broadcast and tucking the kittens in for after lunch naps.

Patience was surrendered to Purrfect Pals where she finished out her pregnancy and had five kittens. Four boys and one girl. There is some uncertainty about her age and whether this is her first litter – however that all played out it is certainly her last. The kittens were named by a random selection of previous adopters. Kitten names and descriptions: Sir Tommy Two Decks (Tommy) – White back with spot between shoulder blades. Deuces – Larger white back kitten with two spots back. Diplomat (Dip) – Smaller version of Klondike. Two did not make it – Klondike, a boy, and Ladybug, the girl. Mama is named after the Patience solitare card game, her kittens are named after the Patience genre card games.

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Nikkilps21s cat had kittens!?!-ep 2-day2


Boys will be boys… Kittens

While the girls get their beauty sleep the boys rough house!

Kittens for days p2

Better quality

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Hangin’ out in the Foster Kitten Garden Guest Suite with our VOKRA foster kittens can be both fun and relaxing! For more videos of our Adorable 7 Foster Kittens please click on the following link, thanks!

13 Cute Kittens Video Compilation 2016

From kittens sleeping, to kittens playing with toys, here you’ll find all the cutest kittens in this cute kittens video compilation.

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Kittens for days

Created by v t m and n

Playing with Cute Kittens!?!

We have twelve kittens, and we went outside and all of them were laying down next to each other! (They are three weeks old!) Hope you enjoyed.
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