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Liltle Kittens so Cute – Cute cat compilation 2016

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Patience’s Kittens – Cam Adjustments 8-20

Late night cam setup changes. Some of them work as intended, some of them don’t. Frustrating. But the kittens are cute, if annoying in their own right. Wet paws and bare legs can be unpleasant. Silly Tommy.

Patience was surrendered to Purrfect Pals where she finished out her pregnancy and had five kittens. Four boys and one girl. There is some uncertainty about her age and whether this is her first litter – however that all played out it is certainly her last. The kittens were named by a random selection of previous adopters. Kitten names and descriptions: Sir Tommy Two Decks (Tommy) – White back with spot between shoulder blades. Deuces – Larger white back kitten with two spots back. Diplomat (Dip) – Smaller version of Klondike. Two did not make it – Klondike, a boy, and Ladybug, the girl. Mama is named after the Patience solitare card game, her kittens are named after the Patience genre card games.

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Shelter info at


5 Adorable Foster Kittens Cleaning

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Here’s a short video to let you all know that our remaining foster kittens Blackberrie, Speedwell, Campion Laurel & Acorn are all doing well despite not having their siblings Dandelion & Strawberry with them any more. We’ve had an update on Strawberry & Dandelion already from their new mum, they are enjoying life in their new home, playing lots, eating well, using the litter box and getting lots of visitors to sit on and purr for. For more videos of our rescued by VOKRA from a fish plant foster kittens please click on the following link, thanks!

Me and my kittens

I have kittens and they are so cute

Name the kittens drawing Video

Name the kittens drawing,

We rescued two bottle feed kittens and as a fund raiser we raffled off the rights to “name the kittens”
Janelle Fisher won the drawing and named them Lois and Clark, we have since learned that they are both girls 🙂

This sweet young lady doing the drawing for us is Loreen,
Loreen was born with ABS Ambiotic Band Syndrome. It happens when the child is tangled in ambiotic bands within the womb.
A company called SFrobotics donated this assistive hand device to Loreen free of charge, made using a 3D printer.


Kitten Academy Live Stream

If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action.

Is there something we should know about? Do you have a question for us? Email us at [email protected] or tweet us @kitten_academy.

– Ivy decided to move her kittens under the annex bed, and they’re big enough that we decided it’s OK for her to make that choice.
– The kittens are all available to adopt now, but the shelter is full, so they will be staying here for the next week.
– All of the big kittens from Toffee through to Fennel are up for adoption now. Apply at On Angel’s Wings in Crystal Lake, IL if you want one of them as your furever cat!!!!!!
– Vikki and Hazel are this year’s momcats, and both available for adoption. Also both wonderful! Vikki is beautiful and easygoing, though she doesn’t like other animals too much. Hazel loves other animals, especially people. But Hazel is also hyper and gets into all kinds of trouble.
– Our west coast friends at the Kitten Dorm are back!

Brief FAQ:
– We’re in Illinois, USA.
– Yes, it’s really live 24/7… forever.
– Yes, we turn the lights off at night, and yes, Ivy has food and water.
– The cats are fosters, waiting to be old enough to adopt.
– We don’t get paid for this — we pay for this.
– This stream began on April 20th, 2016. YouTube’s time is incorrect.
– ADOPTION: Kittens may be adopted through On Angels Wings

Annex Kittens:
Momcat = Ivy
Light Gray = Cornell (Female)
Dark Stripes = Harvard (Male)
Gray with tan face markings = Yale (Female)
– New kittens born 2016-08-06 at about 10:00pm.

“New” Kittens:
Orange + blue collar = Nutmeg (Male)
Tortie + black collar = Tamarind (Female)
Tortie + orange collar = Fennel (Female)
Black + blue collar = Poppy (Female)
Black + green collar = Clove (Female)
– New kittens are all from the same litter. We don’t know their age, but the current best guess is two months or so.

“Old” Kittens:
Orange + No Collar = Toffee (Male)
Tabby + Blue Collar = Cobbler (Male)
Tabby + Purple Collar = Custard (Male)
Tabby + Green Collar = Shortcake (Female)
– Cobbler, Custard, and Shortcake are all from the same litter, and about three months old. Toffee is a tiny bit older.

This link has photos of Momcat + newborns in the annex (Ivy):
New kitten photos and names:
“Old” kitten with their names:
Kitten Weight Charts:

See photos, archived videos, news, and other information at the Kitten Academy website! —
Our email is [email protected] — write us with questions, comments, to adopt… or send us pictures of your cat watching the stream!
Our twitter is @kitten_academy —
Want to donate? We have a Patreon page now. You can sign up to donate on a monthly basis.


Baby kittens playing with the balloons


My kittens?

They are so adorable

Recorded by Sara (Little Darling) & is not affiliated with TK, Shelly or LAPS in any way. I capture vids so others can see it when they have time. There’s confusion about that sometimes, so I wanted to clear that up 🙂

YO – Warfare Kittens

Hej YouTube!
Det her er min første sang/rap på denne kanal…
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