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First visit with the new foster kittens

Tennyson has taken over cleaning responsibility from Harper Grace

Just Too Cute Kittens

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Patience’s Kittens – Morning 8-23

Diplomat is really on a rampage today – wrestling with Deuces, and then with Tommy, having a go at mama’s tail, and nomming John’s foot. HE’s not in the sleepy stage of growth spurt, that’s for sure! The other boys are still holding back with him a little, but he’s not. He goes full tilt at whoever he’s wrestling with.

Apologies for the lag bursts. I can’t seem to get a connection that isn’t laggy in the same spots, and I’ve tried everything within my reach. =(

Patience was surrendered to Purrfect Pals where she finished out her pregnancy and had five kittens. Four boys and one girl. There is some uncertainty about her age and whether this is her first litter – however that all played out it is certainly her last. The kittens were named by a random selection of previous adopters. Kitten names and descriptions: Sir Tommy Two Decks (Tommy) – White back with spot between shoulder blades. Deuces – Larger white back kitten with two spots back. Diplomat (Dip) – Smaller version of Klondike. Two did not make it – Klondike, a boy, and Ladybug, the girl. Mama is named after the Patience solitare card game, her kittens are named after the Patience genre card games.

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FullTilt | Kittens, Art, VR BRAINSPLOSION!

On Full Tilt, we played some cool games this week and hung out on our new couches.


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Our Kittens Search For a Home

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Kittens Jamaa: CHANNEL ART!

If you want one, I’ll take three rares for it!

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Adorable kittens in onesies and sleepers

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New Generation of Kittens

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