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This is my pet squirrel Nugget. She normally plays extremely well with my foster kittens. She gets very possessive over her graham cracker and apparently gets very vocal. Seconds after she was done she went to running around like she was psycho with the kittens again.
Credit goes to: cutebutpsyco

Weird ass kittens


Siames kittens playing

Kalinya “pure” Siamese kittens aged 7 weeks showing little regard for the tidiness of our home….but how much fun are they having!

Cute kittens watching Breezy 2016 09 23


Cute baby cats or cute kittens doing funny things. Check out these cute kitten videos compilation containing kittens meowing, playing and more.

Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


BOMBS AWAY – Exploding Kittens (Games Night)

It’s Exploding Kittens on Games Night! We hide some cat bombs in the deck to screw each other over in this bevy of backstabbing. Games Night Playlist: Featuring Sips Hat Films Check out Exploding Kittens here

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My cute kittens

my awesome kittens

Taking care of the new kittens

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I actually have found (from personal eAlthough it’s been normally accepted that cats were initial domesticated in Egypt 4000 years agone, their history among persons goes back a lot of any. Wild cats ar currently glorious to possess lived among the folks of geographic area over one hundred,000 years agone and to possess been domesticated there or so twelve,000 BCE at regarding identical time as dogs, sheep, and goats. anthropology excavations within the past 10 years have provided proof that the close to japanese Wildcat is that the nighest relative of the modern cat and was bred by Mesopotamian farmers, most likely as a way of dominant pests, like mice, that were attracted by grain provides. the author David Derbyshire cites a 2007 cerium research during which, “the study used deoxyribonucleic acid samples from 979 wild and domestic cats to piece along the feline kinship group. They sought for markers in mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid – a kind of genetic material passed down from mothers to kittens which may reveal once wild and cat lineages were most closely connected.” This project was headed by Dr. Apostle First Earl Kitchener of Khartoum, a life scientist at the National Museums of European nation, who writes, “This shows that the origin of domestic cats wasn’t Ancient Egypt – that is that the prevailing read – however geographic area which it occurred a lot of previous was thought. The last common relative of wildcats and domesticated cats lived quite one hundred,000 years ago” (Derbyshire). Dr. Kitchener’s findings engineered upon the proof of cat’s domestication provided by the invention in 1983 cerium of a cat skeleton in an exceedingly grave chemical analysis to nine,500 BCE on the island of Cyprus. This find, created by the anthropologist Alain lupus Brun, was necessary as a result of Cyprus had no native cat population and it’s unlikely that settlers would have brought a wild cat, by boat, to the island.xperience)
The cat’s association with ancient Egypt, however, is perceivable therein Egyptian culture was known for its devotion to the cat. The export of cats from Egypt was therefore strictly prohibited that a branch of the govt. was fashioned exclusively to alter this issue. Government agents were sent to different lands to search out and come cats that had been bootleg out. it’s clearly established that, by 450 BCE, the penalty in Egypt for killing a cat was death (though this law is assumed to possess been determined a lot of earlier). The divinity Bastet, normally delineated as a cat or as a lady with a cat’s head, was among the foremost in style deities of the Egyptian pantheon. She was the keeper of fireside and residential, preserver of women’s secrets, guardian against evil spirits and sickness, and also the divinity of cats. Her ritual centre was town of Bubastis (“House of Bastet”) during which, per Herodotus (484-425 BCE), a massive temple complicated was inbuilt her honour within the centre of town. Herodotus additionally relates that the Egyptians cared most for his or her cats that they placed their safety higher than human life and property. once a house caught hearth, the Egyptians would concern themselves a lot of with rescuing the cats than with the rest, usually back into the burning building or forming a fringe round the flames to stay cats at a secure distance. once a cat died, Herodotus writes, “All the inhabitants of a house shave their eyebrows [as a symptom of deep mourning]. Cats that have died ar taken to Bubastis wherever they’re embalmed and buried in sacred receptacles” (Nardo 117). the amount of mourning was thought of completed once the people’s eyebrows had fully grown back. Mummified cats are found at Bubastis et al. throughout Egypt, typically buried with, or near to, their homeowners as proven by distinguishing seals on the mummies.
The greatest example of Egyptian devotion to the cat, however, comes from the Battle of Pelusium (525 BCE) during which Cambyses II of Persia defeated the forces of the Egyptian ruler Psametik III to beat Egypt. Knowing of the Egyptian’s love for cats, Cambyses had his men gather varied animals, cats principally among them, and drive the animals before the incursive forces toward the fortified town of Pelusium on the river. The Persian troopers painted pictures of cats on their shields, and should have control cats in their arms, as they marched behind the wall of animals. The Egyptians, reluctant to defend themselves for concern of harming the cats (and maybe acquisition the executing ought to they kill one), and demoralised at seeing the image of Bastet on the enemy’s shields, relinquished town and let Egypt fall to the Persians. The student Polyaenus (2nd century CE) writes that, when the surrender, Cambyses rode in triumph through town and hurled cats into the faces of the defeated Egyptians in scorn.

5 week old KITTENS!

The kittens we’re fostering are a little over 5 weeks old now! Just wanted to share how darn cute they are

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