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Day 31. Kittens playing

5 Kittens and 1 three year old cat

Day 31. Babycat and the kittens

Babycat hanging out with the kittens

Day 31. Kittens exploring

Kittens everywhere

Day 30. Kittens watch tv with us


Anime kittens

Cute pics of animated kittens

Enjoy our fun-filled rhyme – “Five Little Kittens jumping on the bed” :

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five little kittens jumping on the bed
one fell off and bumped his head!
mamma called the doctor and the doctor said
“no more kittens, jumping on the bed!”

four, four, four, four
four little kittens climb up the door
one fell off and hit the floor!
mumma called the doctor and he made a loud roar
“dont let the kittens ever climb up the door!”

three, three, three
three little kittens swinging on a tree
one slipped off and bumped his knee!
mamma called the doctor and they both agree
“never let the kittens to swing on the tree”

two, two
two little kittens doing kung fu
one did a kick and the other one flew
mumma called the doctor to get his view
“noo, cats can never ever fight kung fu!”

one little kitten jogging in the sun
he sweat so heavy but he still did run
mamma called the doc to get his opinion
he said “dont worry, just let him have fun”

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Cute Animals – lovely kittens

забавные животные cute animals забавные животные cute animals забавные животные cute animals Cute Animals – lovely kittens lovely kittens lovely kittens

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Lucky Little Kittens – ITS A BOY!!! – 9.21.16

Evidently it’s hard to tell when they’re only 2 weeks old! All this time we thought it was 3 girls and 1 boy. They went to the vet again today for a check up and that’s when my mom found out Abby was a boy. New name coming soon!
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