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Pallas Cat Kittens 10 weeks old pt1


Cats Resting & Kittens Playing (100 Photos)

We made these photographs of our cats and kittens over a period of 30 years. All of the adult cats in these photographs have since passed away of old age except for one sweet cat that passed away at a young age. The orange and white cat (walking the balcony rail) was adopted from a local city shelter by someone else and then cruelly returned to the shelter days later. The person at the shelter would not tell me the reason he was brought back. They did tell me that he only had three days before he was to be put to sleep. I brought him home that day and he spent the rest of his life with us. A long happy life. The dark gray cat lived next door. When her owner died, our neighbor’s family had no place for her to stay so we took her in and she spent many happy years with us as well. The orange kittens were given to a pet rescue organization for adoption and the gray kittens were given to a vet office for adoption. We were informed later on that all of these beautiful kittens were given brand new loving homes. Saying goodbye to these kittens broke our hearts but there was no way we could keep them. All of our cats were adults when they joined our loving family. Two of them were pregnant. We never had a cat spend their entire life with us. Only their adult years. Most lived long lives and one lived a very long life but not with us. She spent only 3 years with us before passing away. She is the large orange cat. Our vet told us she had never seen a cat that old. Some of our cats spent the majority of their lives outside and homeless before we finally found them and gave them a loving home. Better late than never. We didn’t care how many years they had left, we just wanted to give them our love. A close friend took one of our momma cats home to live with her. The momma cat passed away several years ago. You may have noticed a few photographs of a very thin gray cat. This sweet little cat was named Sonny Boy. I made his photographs before I took him to the vet. I could see how sick he was and I wanted to have photographs of his precious face in case he had to be put to sleep. I was right. The vet said Sonny Boy was suffering from kidney failure and recommended he be put to sleep. Cat owners have to be ready to make this kind of decision and it is truly heartbreaking. I couldn’t let this cat I loved so dearly suffer just because I didn’t want to lose him forever. Sonny Boy was only with us 1 year when he passed away of kidney failure. It might interest you to know that my husband also has a site on YouTube. My husband Mark is a former Six Flags Over Texas ride attendant. He is now 54 and worked at the park from 1978 to 1980. On July 19, 2013, Rosa Esparza fell off the Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas. Mark says there were four employee errors related to Rosa’s death. The ride attendant pushed her lap bar down to her stomach and not her thighs, the ride operator saw that her lap bar was not touching her thighs but did not stop the ride, no one was pulling on the lap bars in violation of the safety instructions and the police were informed that her lap bar was given a “push-pull test” even though it was not. Mark says there was also a management error and a mechanical error. Before Rosa’s death, Six Flags Over Texas chose to put in storage a test seat for the Texas Giant that would have alerted Rosa if she was too big to ride that day before she even stood in line. This test seat had a red light beside it that lit up if the lap bar was not properly down. During the ride, Gerstlauer’s “green light system” showed a green light for Rosa’s lap bar (confirming it was properly down and locked) even though her lap bar was not touching her thighs. Because her lap bar was not touching her thighs, Rosa slipped out from under her lap bar and fell to her death. If you are interested in learning more about the Texas Giant accident, please visit my husband’s YouTube site. Mark’s YouTube site is “Very Old Six Flags Over Texas Staff Secrets & the Texas Giant Accident.” Just enter in “texas giant accident mark huddleston,” “texas giant mark huddleston” or “mark huddleston six flags” into the YouTube search box to find his site. Thank you for visiting my site. Donna M. Huddleston, Fort Worth, Texas

cute kitens – Two kittens playing with each other have lot of fun cute kitens very nice.

Two Cute kittens are doing funny things they will always going to cheer you up.
So enjoy with this video

Kittens Cats
Kittens Cats are known for being playful. Some even think they can fly! They love playing and some of the best cat toys are those that are made from a piece of string or a ball of wool.There is something so delightful about watching cats and kittens just being themselves. They have natural inquisitiveness that gets them into all sorts of trouble. They are so playful especially when young, that it is hard to take them seriously.

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Heyo! My name is Nic or Sandman990. I play video gamezz and decided to start a youtube channel. I don’t really post edited videos. I’d rather either stream or just upload raw footage. But if you do enjoy my videos/streams it will be greatly appreciated if you leave a like and subscribe.

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Saif Ali Khan At Adoption of Puppies and Kittens

Please watch: “Shahrukh Khan and Son Abram Play With Toys In The Car”


Saif Ali Khan At Adoption of Puppies and Kittens
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Baby Kittens, Giant Icebergs, Bikini in The Snow & a Superb Northern Lights Show in Iceland.

It’s a pretty jam packed Vlog, full of awesome things and cool memories.

I got to show my sister Jokusarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland, the black beach in Vik, Melina and I saw the new kittens 2 days after they were born. They were TOO cute! ARGH!

The Northern Lights were beautiful above us at night – unfortunately cameras never really pick up the beauty of Northern Lights very well, unless it’s still photography.

Thank you Iceland for your Nature performance as always. Thanks for making me fee small and grateful for life.

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Kittens being born! Live Stream Part 2!

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New born kittens :)


Kittens in a Cage

Ukulele-playing bad girl Junie Butler gets muscled into prison by her ratfink friends. Abandoned by all, she turns to the warm embrace of her pyromaniac cellmate as they plot to escape from a power hungry prison matron and an axe-murdering beauty queen.
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