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Kittens Born September 10th – Day 2 video

Kittens Born September 10th – Day 2 video

Just Fun! Bengal Kittens Playing

Just Fun! Bengal Kittens Playing

The wild stinning look of the Bengal Cats comes from its ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic shorthair. It’s breeding can account for its intelligence and wild nature, too.

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25 Kittens in 2.5 Seconds

2.5 Seconds of CUTENEZZZZ

некоторые котята нюхали микрофон, поэтому порой звук очень громкий:)
Some kittens sniffing a microphone, so sometimes the sound is very loud 🙂

7 Hungry Baby Kittens Drink Mom’s Milk | CatNips

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This mommy cat gave birth to a big litter of kittens, SEVEN baby kittens to be exact! Operating on instinct, they immediately shoved their way up their moms tummy to drink some milk! Their mom seems happy just to be with her young-lings and quench their thirst!

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