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Playing Exploding Kittens / Jake and Ty

Jake, Ty and Jordan play a crazy game of exploding kittens. Exploding kittens is a hilarious card game where players who draw an exploding kitten and have no way of diffusing it then explodes and is out of the game. Who do you think will win this game?
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We upload original new videos every day. Chronicle of the adorable ex-homeless kittens growth; full of cute, funny, and heart-warming moments and some of accidental happenings. We also do the occasional live streams here on You Tube from Himeji, Japan. You can watch what cats are doing when they are alone, which all the cat lovers have always wondered.

Mi-ke (calico, female; May, 2014- )
Kuro (black, male; October, 2014- )
Chipie (light gray tabby, female; April, 2015- )
Mimi (gray tabby, female; April, 2015- )
Maya (male;April,2016-)


A Group of Kittens at your door!

Check out this Wasn’t expecting this!!! #Kitties #GroupOfKittensAtYourDoor

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Another 13 minutes of our awesome kitten ninja warriors playing on our obstacle course play ground.

I found out two of my kittens died in one day. I miss them so much. Rest in peace, T.J and Tiny. You live in my heart. One was hit by a car and another died from being premature and came out feet first.

How to make your kittens so cute with this thing

Playing ,with kitten,

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A Ragdoll To Love is a small in home cattery near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that is registered with TICA, which is the premier Ragdoll Cat Registry. We live in Highspire, Pa. We dearly love our Ragdoll cats and kittens. We take special care with the raising of each of our kittens. From the time our kittens are 2 days old, we spend many hours with the mom cat and her baby kittens. We talk to them, hold them and give them lots of kisses and hugs. Kittens are raised underfoot with many hours of love and attention. They will be well socialized and litter box trained before they go to their new homes. I do not let kittens go to their new homes until they are 12 weeks old. I have a NO decalw policy. Ragdolls can be trained to use a scratching post. I require my kittens to be indoors at all times.

Funny Kittens Falling Asleep

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