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Angels Fish Kittens 2017-03-22


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Gaia’s Kittens – TwitchQuake Revisited

Kittens twitch a lot, as their nerves and muscles are growing quickly and their brains are connecting to all this new growth. Maa has the most amazing ability to sleep through not only his own twitches, but his siblings’ as well. Terre Rayee is the pillow this time, and she has amusement park ride twitches – which Maa snoozes right through. How, kid? HOW?

Gaia belongs to a family, and will be going back to them once her kittens are adopted and she has been spayed. She is a lovely floofy tabby. Her kitten were born on March 14, 2017.

Kitten #1: Maa (“mah” – Estonian/Finnish) Cream, boy. Kitten #2: Meret (“meh-REH-t” – Amharic) Classic/marble tabby, boy. Kitten #3: Terre Rayée (“Tair Ray-Ee”, French) Mackerel tabby, girl. Kitten #4: Lok (Low-k (k, as in Oak), Thai) Black, boy. Kitten #5: Krajina (“cry-nah” – Slovak) Cream, girl.
Kitten #6: Aina (“eye-nah”, Hawaiian, “returned to earth”): Tux girl, stillborn. Kitten #7: Ela (“ay-la”, Cherokee) Black, girl.

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Washtime for Sue’s kittens

Sue mother of 4 gives her kittens a wash

Having animals around the house is a big part of our life, they are funny and relaxing plus the dogs provide a vital service out here in the country, thanks for watching. We are Bushcraft and Survival and anything outdoors. We also have expat videos from the Philippines about filipinos and their lifestyles, travel videos, and local flavor videos and cooking videos.

Behind the Scenes with A-Trak and Kittens

Belvedere presents an inside look at what goes into being a successful DJ in the year 2017. Through the lens of the influential DJ A-Trak—who’s spent his career working with the likes of Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Danny Brown—we’re introduced to his new artist Kittens on his label Fool’s Gold. The two show us what it takes to make it now.

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Cute Persian kittens

Cute Persian kittens

Barbie’s Cat is Pregnant and has three little kittens whilst Frozen toddlers Anna and Elsa are babysitting her. Barbie is on vacation and has left her lps cat Annabelle with toddlers Annya and Elsya.

Annabelle loves to play and gets into a bit of trouble so when she sleeps in and seems sick Elsya and Annya are worried and call Barbie Vet Teresa. But all is OK Annabelle is pregnant with kittens.

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みけ Mi-ke (三毛猫 calico, female ♀; May, 2014- )
くろ Kuro (黒猫 black, male ♂; October, 2014- )
しぴ Chipie (白っぽいグレートラ light gray tabby, female ♀; April, 2015- )
みみ Mimi (グレートラ gray tabby, female ♀; April, 2015- )
まや Maya (茶白 red tabby and white, Male ♂; April,2016-)


Angels Fish Kittens 2017-03-20

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