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Kitten Cuddle Room – Adorable foster kittens Instagram & Twitter: @KittenCuddleRm

5 adorable orphaned kittens that we rescued from the city shelter. We’re guessing they are about 3.5 weeks old. The Gray & White kitten is female & all the others are male.
The theme will be announced on Facebook at once they have arrived & settled in.


Cutest Unboxing Ever: KITTENS!

This week my boyfriend Andrew and I took in some new foster kittens from the ACCT in Philly. Here’s a video of Andrew meeting them for the first time after I brought them home to DC!

If you’re in Philadelphia, visit to get your very own foster kittens from ACCT!

Produced by Adam Myatt (@catmanofwestoakland)

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Downtown Radio and Cool FM’s coverage of the surplus of cats and kittens at Cats Protection Centre in Belfast, has led to a record number being adopted.

My friends two new kittens

Please watch: “The Division – Solo Survival PvP – Best clutch ever. Zero seconds left and new best score – Amazing!”


What Do Kittens Eat?

Awww yeah, kittens! Kittens are just the bees knees. But they won’t stay kittens forever. Eventually they grow up to be fully fledged kittizens. Pounce on that play button to find out when they becomes adults, and what you can do to make sure they grow up happy and healthy. Let the cuteness commence!

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おすすめ動画  汚れて白なのかグレーなのかわからない子猫に出会った 子猫を拾ってみた2017part8
子猫を拾ってみた2017 物置で出会った子猫たち




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PAINTING, homeschool…(and KITTENS!)

We’re Trent & Lorajean, and our 5 kids: Lizzy, Alex, Everett, “Banjo”, and Emma. We moved from the city 4 years ago to this old rundown farm in southeast Idaho, and have been enjoying our new lives ever since as we rebuild the house and make the transition to living a simple life. We make art, we homeschool, we grow our own food and medicine, we live slowly, and we LOVE IT ALL!!!
(New videos nearly every day).

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Copy of pigeons and kittens

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (

I hope you enjoy my first vlog! Inspired by Taylor Elizabeth! She makes really good vlogs and gaming videos and is a really kind person! So SHOUT OUT TO HER!!! Have an awesome day peeps :3
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