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“While the the premiere episode of ‘Savage Kingdom: Uprising’ was crude & ferocious, this recreation is cute & fuzzy. Presenting ‘Savage Cuties’ narrated by Charles Dance.
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Abandoned and sick – seven kittens piled up in a box

It was about a month ago, in October 2017. I was in the main foster place of SCARS, where Katie and Mariana foster about 30 cats in different rooms of their house, making a video on one of our rescues. As I was leaving I noticed the box right outside their front gate, and knew exactly what it was all about. It’s not the first time something like this happened and it won’t be the last. There are no shelters in Greece that accept unwanted animals, mainly because they would go bankrupt. The number of uncontrollable births is so huge, that if the shelters’ door opened to the public, there would be no more available space within a couple of days. All charities, including SCARS are based on donations and volunteer work alone, and since Greece is a no-kill country, there is only a limited number of unwanted dogs and cats a charity can take in, until some are rehomed and a room opens up for new rescues. The room where the kittens were taken had just been emptied one day ago, and we hadn’t even have a chance to clean it up. All six of them (including Rufus that passed away a couple of days later) are of different age, color and size. They probably come from an infected feral colony where nobody spays or neuters, or – worse- from a hoarder, because their condition was devastating. They all smelled horribly, suffered from eye infections, diarrheas, dermatological problems, they were malnourished and dehydrated. All of them.
If you wish to adopt one of the kittens, please email the charity at: [email protected] or message their Facebook page.
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Leuke kittens

Ben jij een hond- of een kattenmens? Schrijf in de comments!

Kittens i need a cat home x4


In this reaction video I’ll be reacting to cute kittens try not to say aww challenge made by Funnyplox. If you would like to see more of me reacting to try not to say challenges or other challenge videos, let me know down below in the comments!

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Couldn’t save the Kittens… (TRIED MY BEST!!)

The last day of family vlogs has finally come!! I know!! I’m really sad about it too but don’t worry!! I’ll be back for Christmas so we’ll be seeing them again really soon!! But today ended up being very productive, not only did we film a lot of videos for Andrews channel, we also got the chance to fix his toilet seat!! 😂

The craziest part is that while we were out grabbing food for the family we found a 4 small kittens running around in the trash!! So you know what we had to do!! Unfortunately things didn’t end up like I hoped they would..

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another Awesome VLOG!!!


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People Get Surprised With Kittens | Try Not To Cry

These people just got surprised with kittens, also know as the greatest gift ever! Watch as they meet their fur babies for the first and their dreams become a reality! Try not to cry!

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Kittens Reunite With Mom After Rescue From Factory | A whole litter of tiny kittens was rescued from a factory, but people couldn’t find their mom anywhere — until now. This is the moment the whole family was reunited. To sponsor the ongoing care of Ohana and her kittens, you can support Edgar’s Mission:

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Little Baby Funny Cats Video Compilation | Five Little Babies Three Little Kittens Nursery Rhymes.

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two kittens one bag real life footag (very funny)

two kittens playing with a green paper bag. my kittens love playing around and doing silly things.
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