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Mother cat cleaning her kittens – 4K footage

British Shorthair kittens, 30 Days old

The trapped Kittens

Sonic und Debbie wurden in einem nahem Dorf gefangen, Sonic war ungefähr 6-7 Wochen alt, Debbie ca. 4 Monate. Beide kennen keine Menschen. Ein paar Tage später ging Joan in die Falle, da sie im gleichen Alter wie Debbie ist, kam sie zu den anderen beiden. Ein paar weitere Tage später, wurde Boom gefangen. Der kleine war von Anfang an krank, also sind wir zum Tierarzt gegangen. Nachdem wir beim Tierarzt waren, ist mir aufgefallen dass wenn ich allein mit Boom bin, er ganz lieb ist. Also zogen Boom und Sonic in einen anderen Raum, in der hoffnung dann leichter zahm zu werden. Ein voller Erfolg, die beiden sind nun wahr Schmusekatzen!

Kalea ist Helens erster Pflegi. Sie wurde bei einer Fanganktion gefangen. Sie kennt keine Menschen und wir mussten erst mal einen Giardientest machen. Er war negativ !
Lilly ist von The Furry Tail Forsters, wir hoffen dass sie mit Kalea spielt und tobt.

Seit dem 16.09 sind die Mädels im Kittenzimmer nun zu dritt: Elli ist gestern bei uns eingezogen. Sie war bisher alleine auf ihrer Pflegestelle aus Quarantäne-Gründen. Die kleine Maus ist ca. im gleichen Alter wie Kalea kann aber schnurren wie eine ganz große, und wir hoffen, gemeinsam mit Lilly schafft sie es Kalea zu zeigen wie toll schmusen und sich durch kraulen ist.

Lilly ist am 30.09.2017 in ihr neues Zuhause gezogen


Sonic and Debbie was trapped in a near village, Sonic was round about 6-7 weeks old and Debbi 4 Month, both didn’t know humans. In the next days, Joan was trapped, so she joind the bathroom. Further days later Boom was trapped! But the little cute Boy is sick, so we went to vet – after the vet i realise that when I’m alone with Boom, he didn’t hiss or something, so Boom and Sonic move in another room. I hoped it was easier when it’s only two kittens in the room. And now both are very cute cuddleboys.

Debbi and Joan are still in bathroom, i can scritch them when they eating. Kalea is really relaxed now when I’m in the room, goes circles around of me and is very interessting of me.

Kalea get Helens first foster. She got catched at a TNR. She did not know humans and we first had to make a giardia-test. It was negative!
Lilly is from the Furry Tail Forsters, we hope she will playing and zooming with Kalea.

Since 16.09, the girls in the kitten room are now three: Kalea, Lilly and Elli! Before Elli moved to us, she was alone on her fosterhome. The sweet mouse is about the same age as Kalea but can purr like a big one, and we hope together with Lilly she will teach Kalea how great cuddle and crawl can be.

Lilly moved 30.09.2017 to her furever home.

Sonic is the tabby and born 08/2017
Boom is black and white and born 08/2017

Not seen in the moment:

Debbie is the white with a bit tabby and born 06/2017
Joan is the tuxie and born 06/2017
Kalea is the white/grey one and born ca. 06/2017
Lilly is the white/brown/red one and born ca. 09/2016
Elli is the white/tabby one and born ca. 06/2017

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Cat Was Dumped in the Cage with All Her Kittens

The poor mama cat and her all kittens were found meowing for help in the cage at a side of street after they were being abandoned.

So the most urgent thing was to get this family to a place where they could nurse and rest, especially since they were very frightened and disoriented.

Luckily, they are finally safe and get in the foster home with good care without any health condition. The kittens are very playful and they will be growing up with joyful in the sweet family ever.

We thankful all mercy people especially, กรูจามา เปน นายมึง who gave them the warmest love and care.

Courtesy: กรูจามา เปน นายมึง


하품하는것도 귀여워요~ 입 찟어져~

2015년 10월생 페르시안 친칠라 미야 (Miya) (여)
2015년 10월생 먼치킨 아라 (Ara) (남)
2017년 2월 25일생 아기고양이

고양이들의 즐겁고 행복한 영상을 보여드리는 채널입니다.
아주아주 얌전한 아라와 조금은 새침한 미야 커플과
아기고양이들의 이야기입니다.

구독은 큰힘이 됩니다~!

네이버 블로그

영상제작 : Hari
영상편집 : BlueDot
영상도움 : Eunju


We recently help an alley cat and she delivered four precious kittens. Please subscribe my channel and click on like spread this UCC for family who wants cat. We will post this until we found a good right owner.
It is a little story about four kittens looking for a permanent place for each kitten and they need a wonderful life long best friends.
Please help them to find a new place and be their mom and dad.
They need someone to take care of them.

If you want my kittens or mom cat please left comment on my YouTube channel and left message briefly about yourself. We want them to be raised by one happy family who can take care of them like a family member.

최근에 우리는 길냥이 한마리를 도와줬습니다. 비도 오고 날씨도 추워져서 밥도 주고 잠도 재워줬는데 새끼를 네마리 낳았어요. 저는 몸이 불편하고 곧 수술을 하게 되요. 이 새끼 고양이들은 착하고 동물을 좋아하는 새 주인님들이 필요합니다. 도와주세요. 관심있으신 분은
여기에 좋아요 눌러주시고 사연 남겨주세요. 감사합니다.


Kittens hate their new towel

The Kittens really didn’t like the new, bigger, cleaner towel and wouldn’t stop meowing until I brought the old one back.

Cute kittens play

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