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If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested in adopting a pair of kittens, message me at [email protected]

Kitten Cuddle Room – Under The Sea Kittens
We are fostering orphaned Kittens in Los Angeles.
Watch them LIVE on our Kitten Cam 24/7

This is the link for the Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain: Instagram & Twitter: @KittenCuddleRm

You can find most of the products I use, including the toys & blankets, here:
If you’re Canadian, check out my website & the links there will take you to

WISH LIST for the Foster Kittens:


Moby, Koi & Coral were rescued from the Los Angeles city shelter on August 27, 2017. We’re guessing that they were about 3.5 weeks old at the time.
We do not know what happened to their mom.

**Our newest addition is NALA she is about three weeks younger than the others. She survived pneumonia and will soon be healthy enough to be spayed.
Ginger Male – Koi
Gray/White Female – Coral (female)
Siamese Male – Moby
Black/White – Our new kitten – Nala (female)
(Nala is not available for adoption yet)


We do not adopt outside of the United States. Adoptions outside of Los Angeles will have to cover the cost to
have Sarah travel with the kittens. A home visit is required.

*Kittens are adopted in Pairs, unless there is already a super friendly cat already in the home. But applications for pairs will be given priority.

PAYPAL : [email protected]

*Sign up for Tube Buddy to get detailed info on your Youtube page

*******CHAT RULES*******
1. DON’T be mean. We joke & can be a bit sarcastic at times, but no bullying.

2. NO Spamming or asking for subscribers

3. NO overuse of emojis. Stick to 4 or less especially during a live birth.

4. NO CAPITALS OR SPECIAL FONTS, except for our chatters who are CCing for our hearing impaired members.
**** Especially during a live birth. If chat is going too fast, it makes it impossible for anyone who needs CCing to read it.

5.We like to be as inclusive as possible, so please avoid conversations about religion & politics.

6. BEFORE asking a question, please scroll back in chat a bit & check if it’s already been asked & answered. It helps to keep Sarah from having to repeat herself every five minutes.

7. This is REAL LIFE FOSTERING. Uncensored. Along with all the cuteness & cuddles, there is poop, sometimes worms, throw up, illness & sadly kittens can pass away. If that is too much for you, we understand. Instead of upsetting the other viewers, please just excuse yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t share concern or ask questions, but Sarah is an experienced foster, has lots of experienced support watching & helping her behind the scenes & unless you are a local licensed vet in Los Angeles who wants to offer your services for free, it doesn’t help to make judgments without all the information.
If you threaten to report the channel you will be banned.

8. PLEASE don’t suggest to Sarah that she should keep her fosters. It is hard enough for her to let them go. She already has 4 of her own cats & caring for cats is not only about cuddling. She has no more space in her small home & regular vet care can be expensive, especially dental! (darn it Rob!!!!)
The goal is to help support Sarah, not only with kitty supplies:
but ALSO emotionally. That means not making adopting out these kitties she loves any harder than it already is. ❤

DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links I’ll receive a small commission. This helps a small amount to cover the extra expenses I incur due to the cam & the kittens.


네트망 탈출 하는 새끼고양이

태어난지 엊그제 같은데 벌써 넘어 다니네요.

2015년 10월생 페르시안 친칠라 미야 (Miya) (여)
2015년 10월생 먼치킨 아라 (Ara) (남)
2017년 2월 25일생 아기고양이

고양이들의 즐겁고 행복한 영상을 보여드리는 채널입니다.
아주아주 얌전한 아라와 조금은 새침한 미야 커플의 이야기

구독 부탁드립니다~

네이버 블로그

영상제작 : Hari
영상편집 : BlueDot
영상도움 : Eunju

#고양이 #먼치킨


Kitten Born With Two Faces Is Making Everyone Fall In Love With Her

When a mother cat from Eastern Cape, South Africa, gave birth to three healthy kittens last week, her owner was surprised to find four — not three — tiny newborn noses sniffing around her home.

After getting a closer look, she noticed that one of the kittens, later named Bettie Bee, was actually born with two noses, two mouths and three eyes: an extremely rare congenital condition called craniofacial duplication, which doubles certain facial features in the womb.

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Kittens between leaving their parents until becoming adults.

They are generally excellent in natural language acquisition skills.


Passage de la Duee 恵の抜け道


Merry Christmas Scottish Fold Kittens for sale

#MerryChristmas My #Dear #ScottishFold Lovers 🐱🎄❤️

Thank you for #following us, giving a new #lovely home to our #babies and posting #pictures and #videos of them! We are so happy to watch how our #kittens are growing 😻

I’m sorry if we didn’t give you enough #attention and more cute posts of our babies lately, we just opened a new location in #LosAngeles and it took a lot of time and energy! We are working on our #website as well, more #interesting #posts are coming soon, enjoy it 🐱🎄❤️

If you are interested in one of our Scottish Fold kittens and cat breed information please contact Luxury Kittens Scottish Fold today 917-854-0436

Our Facebook Group

Instagram @luxurykittens

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Dagan plays with kittens and highlights his best gear of 2017, his favourite videos and reads some mean comments! CAUTION CUTENESS OVERLOAD! (we’re talking about the kittens). There’s also some great bloopers at the end too!

In this video Dagan rounds up a fantastic year of great musical equipment and talks about his favourite videos of the year, the great new gear that was released in 2017 and tries to o it whilst some kittens run amok around him. In addition we also get to hear some of the best/worst mean comments our subscribers have left on our YouTube channel!

Videos discussed:

Best Tube Amps For Home Use :

7 Cheap Guitars That Don’t Suck:

Best Effects Pedals For Keyboards:

Headrush Review:

Washburn PXL-10F TBM Parallaxe:

Electro Harmonix Canyon Delay:

BOSS Katana-Mini:

Merry Christmas from everyone here at PMT and Happy New Year! Thanks to all our subscribers and commenters – we love you! Stay tuned for even more great videos coming soon!


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두더쥐 잡기 하는 아기고양이들

이불 속에 들어가는 게 두더지 같아요

2015년 10월생 페르시안 친칠라 “미야” (여)
2015년 10월생 먼치킨 “아라” (남)
2017년 2월 25일생 나폴레옹 “삐요” (여)
2017년 2월 25일생 나폴레옹 “하쵸” (여)

고양이들의 즐겁고 행복한 영상을 보여드리는 채널입니다.
아주아주 얌전한 아라와 조금은 새침한 미야 커플과
아빠닯은 셋째 삐요 그리고 엄마닯은 넷째 하쵸의 이야기.

구독은 큰힘이 됩니다~!

네이버 블로그

영상제작 : Hari
영상편집 : BlueDot
영상도움 : Eunju

October 2015 Born Persian Chinchilla “Miya” (female)
October 2015 Munchkin “Ara” (male)
February 25, 2017 Napoleon “Piyo” (female)
February 25, 2017 Napoleon “Hacho” (female)

It is a channel that shows happy and happy images of cats.
Very very gentle ara and a little messy mummy couple
My father is a third bee and my mother is a fourth story of Hacho.

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#고양이 #먼치킨

These kittens will be spayed and neutered Dec 27th and 28th. If you are interested in adopting and live in Washington state, please email me at [email protected] and visit for more information on shelter policies and the application process.

The Country Music Kittens have moved from under the sink, to the tub, then full access of the bathroom, and, finally, the big room! They are growing so fast!

Email me at [email protected] with any concerns of observations. Thanks!

Jolene’s 6 country music kittens, born 9/24/2017:
#1: Patsy: White, F (lavender collar) – 9:39pm with 104 g,
#2: Tammy: White, F (no collar) – 9:52pm with 113 g,
#3: Dolly: Torbie (dark), F – 10:08pm with 113 g,
#4: Willie Nelson: Ginger, M -10:18pm with 115 g,
#5: EmmyLou: White, F (yellow) – 10:45pm with 99 g,
#6: George: Tabby (lighter), M – 11:50pm with 126 g

Weight Chart:

Want to donate?
Donate via:
– Amazon Wishlist:
– Meow Cat Rescue Donation:

Email: [email protected]

On Friday, September 15th, Mama Jolene was brought to Christine’s Kitten Room for foster care.
Mama Jolene grew up in Federal Way, but was abandoned when her humans moved away. Kind neighbors fed her after they left, but noticed her belly was growing full of kittens. These kind neighbors brought Jolene to MEOW Cat Rescue so she could have her kittens in as healthy an environment as possible.

She has a wound on her side that is being twice a day with wound cleaner and an oral antibiotic. The cause is unknown, but likely from another animal. Her babies are due any time now. We suspect that this is her second litter. *** Wound has healed ***


Guidelines for Peaceful Coexistence: Don’t curse, don’t ask for subscriptions, don’t spam, don’t use all caps, be polite, enjoy the kittens, have a nice day. The kittens are always watching. Don’t make them sad.

CHANNEL RULES: Don’t curse, don’t ask for subscriptions, don’t ask personal questions, don’t spam (including roll call requests and spamming emojis). No block caps. Be polite. Thank you.

​PSA: Everyone is welcome here. There are watchers from varied cultures/social backgrounds, ages, communication styles, different health issues. Kindness, RESPECT and patience are appreciated.

Please do not feed the trolls. Related comments will be deleted now.

“ALL CAPS” is reserved for folks who are Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired.

Please don’t use all caps – we reserve that for official channel notices and Closed Captioning. Thank you

Please don’t spam all emoji posts or use block caps. Those posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned.

You are welcome to chat in non-English languages if we can use auto-translate to understand what you are typing. If we cannot translate your text, we might remove the comment.

Please chat politely – rude comments will be deleted and repeat offenders will be placed in time out and/or banned. Foul language could result in an auto-ban without recourse.

Policing other chatters and calling for mods is as disruptive as the behaviour you are protesting. Please leave the policing to the mods.

Christine’s Kitten Room is a room where foster kittens grow before returning to the shelter, healthy and fixed, to await for adoption. Please enjoy the permanent residents, Mya and Snowpee, watch the local birds visit the feeders when no foster kittens are available.

Paypal & Email: [email protected]

For more about the local rescues near me, visit the following:


Elf on The Shelf –
🎄#elfieward 2015 meets the two new members of the family he’s been assigned to watch. He knows it’s going to be crazy watching over these kittens Abi & Bella. He had a great time getting to know the girls & attending various other events.

Santa knows my Elf lost his full powers since I touched him. KIDS DON’T TOUCH YOUR ELF! You don’t want your Elf to lose their magic.

-Jingle Bell Rock – Helms
-Who Let the Dogs Out
-Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd
-Hi Ho It’s Off to Work
-Love Me Do – The Beatles

I make no claim to own or profit in anyway from the music content in these Elf on The Shelf videos. The music can be purchased on itunes & Google Play. Music is added to these videos to enhance & make it fun to listen as well as watch.


На видео свободные котята. Старшие (5 мес) – Ракета и Ралли. Черная мраморная черепашка Сальса (3 мес), красный мраморный мальчик Трантор и красная солидная девочка Терракотта (2,5 мес).
Available maincoon kittens in Crimea, Sevastopol
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