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We had thunderstorms and flash flooding that scared all the animals. It made me very grateful that the kittens were inside but also sad that so many cats are not. My outside ferals did not come to eat even after making a raised feeding area. I still have not seen Cuddles, Darkness or Storm and only Princess and Scorch came to eat today.

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UPDATE 12/24: Pansy has joined Sable in our feral recovery ward. We are waiting on test results, but she has not been feeling well at the feeding station. She is unfortunately not one of our socialized ferals, and is quite fearful of humans, but she is not aggressive so we are confident we can treat her. So far, she is a bit underweight and has some very hard poop.

Sable came in during the spring of 2016, hugely pregnant with her last litter of kittens. She was very ferocious at that time, but has recently started letting us pet her at the feeding station. We brought her in when she started to seem “off” at the feeding station, and discovered she has Upper Airway Disease and Renal Disease. We are treating both, and will re-test on the 27th to see how she is responding to treatment.

In our other room, we have our final three feral kittens rescued from the BC wildfires. They are very bonded, and are looking for a home together!

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UPDATE OCT 10: Perch (Pele + Birch), Patty, Cariboo (Swirls), Ellie (Spots), Elliott, Cache and Luca still need homes!

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, please visit the chats at our other two livestreams at – we don’t have enough moderators to run three chats. Thank mew!

NAMES: We went with a #BCStrong / resilience theme:
Floofy black boy: Phoenix (who will rise from the ashes…)
Floofy tabby boy: Hale (strong, vigorous, resilient)
Tabby tuxie boy: Birch (Celtic symbol of new beginnings)
Torbie girl: Pele (the Goddess of Fire)

JULY 23: Socialization begins today! Our goal is to find these guys homes once they are spayed/neutered and ready for a pampered life with a human family. If you’re interested, adoption info is at:

JULY 22: We have just arrived from the airport with four feral kittens approximately 4 months old, who have been evacuated from the #BCWildfire zone. The two tabbies and the panther are boys, and the torbie is a girl.

These kittens (and countless more) are safe thanks to the tireless efforts of Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada, whose mission is to assist animals during large scale emergencies like we’re seeing with these wildfires. They have been working round the clock to get animals out of harms way and reunited with their families. The four we have just collected don’t have families, so we are taking them to help free up space in the evacuation zone.

We are so grateful for our amazing firefighters, RCMP, NPOs, volunteers, and the thousands of kind strangers who are coming together across the province to make sure humans AND animals have shelter, food, medical care and supplies during this difficult time.

For those who may be worried, we are not in any danger from the fires in our location.


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Cutest Kittens In The World!!!!

Simple Cutest Kittens Pic Collection!

What do kittens do at 4 am? What do kittens do at night?
At 4 am in the morning the kittens like to destroy your slippers, knock the clock, steal beef jerky and hide it in your closet. They also love fighting with the heavy drawer door to get their catnip out! And let’snot forget the famous kitten flea tap! The kittens would do anything but sleep at night!

Visit to learn more about our amazing kitten Nine and his catooges!

Nine, our 5 month old Norwegian Forest Cat kitten is a very busy kitty as it is! He is our miracle stray traveler who found our home in the middle of nowhere! So, we kind of tend to forgive him a lot…

Sometimes it helps to play Nine out during the day, then may be, we will get some sleep. But there are no guarantees on that.

Cats are nocturnal animals and keep busy at night, hunting and playing.. And kittens are even worse as their energy levels are far off.

Nine, or Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier is a very busy kitten at night. The other day he figured out how to turn his cheese toy on. That sure scared the heck out of everybody in the house.

Anything on his way is immediately turned into a toy! We had to literally “child proof” our entire house! Can’t have any strings on curtains, any shoes left out, no cords left unattended and no beef jerky left on the table.

Visit The site was created to help our little wonder traveler, Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier. You can read his whole story there. He is truly a miracle sent upon!

Nine and his Mom are in charge of Nine’s Catudio – the ex homeless’ kitten’s studio. They are working hard on building a community to help educate people about cats and their habits. Die hard cat fan, Nine’s Mom adopted and re homed a few strays and does know a thing or 2 about cats…. That’s why we are making this videos to show how adorable the cats are. To help people who are considering adopting a stray kitty to learn about cats and kittens. And of course, be prepared to be up sometimes at 4 am while the kitten is busy destroying your new slippers…

We truly appreciate all and every one of you who takes time to watch Nine’s videos!
Thank you!
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Watch the video to find out why rescuing Kittens is Good for you!

In this video we would like to reflect on the wonderful changes that our newest rescue, Mr. Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier has made in our lives in the short 2 months ever since he had adopted us.
Please, visit to learn about the Three Catooges Studio.

To all of our visitors and our wonderful subscribers:
We would like to sincerely wish you the Happiest Holidays and may the New Year bring Joy to you and yours.

Nine’s Catudio was created thanks to Nine, our stray wonder traveler. When he showed up at our door, he motivated us to bring our stray cats rescue mission further ahead. We have adopted, rescued and re-homed a few stray cats over the years. In the rural community where we live, there is, unfortunately, no regulations in regards of stray cats. We are trying to change that.

We see our mission in bringing the problem of local stray cats into the light with the local authorities. We are located near a busy highway, and unfortunately, we do get cats and kittens thrown out there. Our Nine was the true survivor and made our way to us. But so many cats do not… And many more cats are left to tend to themselves around here. We do try to take care of them, but it is just not enough.

We would like to spread our message beyond our community and join the forces with people all over the world who rescue and save cats.

Cats are amazing animals and we are trying to help more people to discover that. The level of a cat’s intelligence is much higher than they are often credited for. The friendship offered by a cat is a wonderful, warm bond that is hard to replace with material things.

Cats can be trained and they often require just a little bit of your attention to make their day. Cats are endless hunters, therefore they are not useless destroyers of furniture or other stuff… They are just doing what they are suppose to do for us, humans. Maybe, we should tend to their needs a little more sometimes.

Even when the holidays are over, and the every day life pours back into your glass, still consider rescuing or adopting a kitten. If you ever planning on giving a kitten as a gift, please, ensure that the person receiving such precious gift is capable of taking care of them. If shopping for a kitten or a cat, please consider visiting your local shelters. There are so many of them there, all with a hope for some Love and a cozy home.

Do not walk away from the idea of adopting a mature cat. They may be even easier for you to take care of, and they do remember how great the life with a human can be.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Thank you for subscribing and supporting our Mission of helping the local stray cats!


British Shorthair kittens 5 Weeks Lilac and Gray 4K


Kittens first pet visit!! It hurt our heart to watch Rambo get his first shots but he’s okay now.

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Love you guys!! ❤️

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Cats Kittens and Christmas Trees | Vlogmas

This is the first year, ever, that I have not had cats getting into the Christmas tree or knocking down Christmas ornaments. People have asked me how I keep my cats out of the Christmas tree or from pulling Christmas ornaments out of the tree. Well, I am not exactly sure what to say because I feel I got lucky this year. There are three things that I do to try keep the cats and kitten from messing with the Christmas tree ornaments. 1. I used canned air with a motion detector (I am not endorsing this product because it is far too expensive). 2. I have trained my Labrador retriever to chase the cats and kitten away from the tree anytime they get underneath the tree. 3. I am teaching my new kitten to NEVER go too close to either tree. We have two Christmas trees this holiday and the cats have not bothered either tree at all. I feel very happy about this and thought I would share some tips on how I keep my cats and kitten from climbing the Christmas tree.
What’s a Vlogmas you ask? It’s a Christmas celebration of the YouTube kind and it is just glorious. “Vlogging” aka “video-blogging” is all the rage on YouTube right now. It’s super common for popular YouTubers to have a second channel devoted solely to personal vlogs — whish is where Vlogmas comes in. We love to share our holiday and Christmas preparations during the month of December through our Vlogmas 2017 series of videos. Backup Frosty Life Channel:
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Police recently rescued two tiny kittens from a property in Bradford and brought them into Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens.
Why do people attack defenseless beings?

Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In The Kitchen And The Best Ways To Fix Them

A Farmer Spotted Something In The Dirt So He Dug What He Found WOW!

Beautiful One Eyed Cat Enjoys Surfing And Swimming In Hawaii!

Guy Has His New Dog Taken Away Just For Posting This Innocent Picture On Facebook

Tiny Baby Crawls Into The Backseat. Who Opens The Car Door?

These 2 Kittens Were Left To Die Where They Are Now This Is Incredible…

Puppy Smiles For Everyone While Being Rescued From Burning Apartment

Divers Shocked To Find Animals Trapped In Cages Underwater

Squirrel Taps Window Every Day — 8 Years On, The Family Realises What She’s Desperate To Show Them

Someone Threw Out A Plastic Fork And It Nearly Killed A Sea Turtle

Nathan J. Robinson and the Las Baulas field team were able to remove the fork and the turtle returned to the ocean breathing freely!
Look Closely At This Dog’s Matted Fur. When I Learned The Truth? My Heart Broke.


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In the early stages of life kittens twitch or make other funny motions simply because they are growing! They grow fast, and their muscles need to be constantly engaged in motion. This happens even when they sleep!
If you would like to help us with our stray cat rescue, please, visit our website:

Nine is a very fast growing kitten and is already a big boy at the sweet age of 5 ½ months. He is a Norwegian Forest Cat, and he will take about 3 years to fully grow. He is very active when he is awake. So, he does exercise his muscles a lot, promoting their growth while he sleeps as well.

Most of the time Nine (Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier) sleeps on his back. Naturally, he stretches his paws into the air. In this video he amused us with a drumming session on his invisible sky drums.

It is hard to say for sure if kittens dream at the early age. Since the cat sleeps about 16 hours a day, then majority of growth happens during the sleep. Some kittens would rotate their paws more often than stretch them. Some kittens would “suckle” on air. As long as the kitten is not suddenly twitches and “freezes” – which could be a sign of a seizure, or does not move at all (some say this could be a sign of a kitten being unhealthy), enjoy while you can! When they grow older, they usually just snore really loud.

Nine and his Mom are in charge of Nine’s Catudio – the ex homeless’ kitten’s studio. They are working hard on building a community to help educate people about cats and their habits. Die hard cat fan, Nine’s Mom adopted and re homed a few strays and does know a thing or 2 about cats…. That’s why we are making this videos to show how adorable the cats are. To help people who are considering adopting a stray kitty to learn about cats and kittens. And of course, be prepared for the endless cuteness that kitties bring.

Visit The site was created to help our little wonder traveler, Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier. You can read his whole story there. He is truly a miracle sent upon!

We truly appreciate all and every one of you who takes time to watch Nine’s videos!
Please, comment below on what would you like to learn about our Wonder Nine and his brothers!
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Thank you!

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