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Sarah visits her foster kittens & was surprised with an awesomely funny video made for her by fellow Kitten Cam Foster, Kitten O’Clock! Reaction starts at 11:56pm. Check out her channel to see the video Sarah is reacting to!

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are interested in adopting a pair of kittens, message me at [email protected]

Kitten Cuddle Room – Under The Sea Kittens
We are fostering orphaned Kittens in Los Angeles.
Watch them LIVE on our Kitten Cam 24/7

This is the link for the Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain: Instagram & Twitter: @KittenCuddleRm

You can find most of the products I use, including the toys & blankets, here:
If you’re Canadian, check out my website & the links there will take you to

WISH LIST for the Foster Kittens:


Coral was rescued from the Los Angeles city shelter on August 27, 2017. We’re guessing that she was 3.5 weeks old at the time.
We do not know what happened to her mom.

**Our newest addition is NALA she is about three weeks younger than the others. She survived pneumonia and will soon be healthy enough to be spayed.
ADOPTED Ginger Male – Koi
Gray/White Female – Coral (female)
ADOPTED Siamese Male – Moby
Black/White – Our new kitten – Nala (female)
(Nala is not available for adoption yet)


We do not adopt outside of the United States. Adoptions outside of Los Angeles will have to cover the cost to
have Sarah travel with the kittens. A home visit is required.

*Kittens are adopted in Pairs, unless there is already a super friendly cat already in the home. But applications for pairs will be given priority.

PAYPAL : [email protected]

*Sign up for Tube Buddy to get detailed info on your Youtube page

*******CHAT RULES*******
1. DON’T be mean. We joke & can be a bit sarcastic at times, but no bullying.

2. NO Spamming or asking for subscribers

3. NO overuse of emojis. Stick to 4 or less especially during a live birth.

4. NO CAPITALS OR SPECIAL FONTS, except for our chatters who are CCing for our hearing impaired members.
**** Especially during a live birth. If chat is going too fast, it makes it impossible for anyone who needs CCing to read it.

5.We like to be as inclusive as possible, so please avoid conversations about religion & politics.

6. BEFORE asking a question, please scroll back in chat a bit & check if it’s already been asked & answered. It helps to keep Sarah from having to repeat herself every five minutes.

7. This is REAL LIFE FOSTERING. Uncensored. Along with all the cuteness & cuddles, there is poop, sometimes worms, throw up, illness & sadly kittens can pass away. If that is too much for you, we understand. Instead of upsetting the other viewers, please just excuse yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t share concern or ask questions, but Sarah is an experienced foster, has lots of experienced support watching & helping her behind the scenes & unless you are a local licensed vet in Los Angeles who wants to offer your services for free, it doesn’t help to make judgments without all the information.
If you threaten to report the channel you will be banned.

8. PLEASE don’t suggest to Sarah that she should keep her fosters. It is hard enough for her to let them go. She already has 4 of her own cats & caring for cats is not only about cuddling. She has no more space in her small home & regular vet care can be expensive, especially dental! (darn it Rob!!!!)
The goal is to help support Sarah, not only with kitty supplies:
but ALSO emotionally. That means not making adopting out these kitties she loves any harder than it already is. ❤

DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links I’ll receive a small commission. This helps a small amount to cover the extra expenses I incur due to the cam & the kittens.


Top Cute Kittens – Funny Kittens and Cute Kittens Compilation – Lindos y Adorables Gatitos Recopilación
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Kittens are cute and funny. Kittens are awesome. Check out these cute kittens and funny kittens in this cute and funny kittens videos compilation.
Los gatitos son lindos y adorables. Los gatitos son increíbles. Vea estos gatitos lindos y gatitos divertidos en esta recopilación linda y adorable de videos de gatitos.




I told you it gets crazy when the snow comes down. The kittens are afraid of the snow, Fig kills a spider (sorta), Genji ignores the kittens and Chica becomes Figs new BFF. Plus, I am pretty sure Fig is already a teenager because he keeps sneaking out of his room.

Ways You Can Help with Kittens and Cats –

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Gift Cards for Kitten Needs and Treats –

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E-gift cards or questions can be emailed to – [email protected]

Cat Communications and Donations can be sent to:
Community Cats
PO Box 8414
Jacksonville, AR 72078

All donations are deposited into an account specifically set up in the Community Cats name and used for their care and support. Thank you!

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Thanks for watching all our crazy antics and remember – It’s a Feral World Out There.


John’s home! The kittens were just starting a nap, but they’ll wake up for him. That does make it a bit easier to catch good photos, though, even if it wasn’t planned. Nappy kittens are slower kittens are more in-focus kittens, as a general rule.

Introducing Champagne and Mimosa – believed to be sisters, they were found by the side of the road and brought to Purrfect Pals. Mimosa is about a pound lighter than Champagne, and not quite at spay weight. She also has an eye issue that needs to clear up before spay. They’re at the FDJ Spa and Socialization Camp for a few weeks while all that is sorted out. They are 8-9 weeks old, very bonded, and will be adopted as a bonded pair. The tortie is Champagne, the panther is Mimosa.

Watch live at
Shelter link:
Purrfect Pals on Facebook:
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Five Little Kittens & Daddy Finger! Popular Kids Songs by Mickey & Minnie Mouse
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Like The Dodo? You’ll love Hope For Paws rescue videos from the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films.

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This Man Saved Kittens Dogs Birds Turtles & Dragons!!!
The Rescuers’ DNA Season 2 Episode 1

Meet Peter Crowe, an indie animal rescuer from Virginia who deployed to post Hurricane Harvey Vidor, Texas to assist in the recovery and reunions of people’s pets. #HurricaneHarvey

Peter gets some help from a Texas couple with a boat who are also in Vidor to help save lives.

They are all joined by veteran Canadian animal rescuer, Traci Dawson who, like Peter had been prepared for this day since they met in NOLA rescuing animals following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Carol Guzy, 4-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Photo Journalist, an old friend and rescuer pictorial biographer.

WA2S Films team member Deanna & Tom McPhee joined them all in the field on September 4, 2018. This is what happened.

Help the World Animal Awareness Society save thousands of at risk dogs working with dozens of dog rescues around the world. The work never stops, and we need you. Donate and help us help rescuers save more lives!

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This video was created with the financial assistance of donors across the globe including: Associate Producer, Diane Donnelly of The Donnelly Group.

WA2S Films is: Deanna Vollano & Tom McPhee

WA2S Films productions are filmed on Sony, Panasonic, and DJI camera systems

c. 2018 All Rights Reserved
Hiring WA2S Films for Your Next Shoot Supports The Work Of The World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films
818.561.5109 Los Angeles

Music courtesy Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Narration courtesy of Vocal artist Mark Rider:

The words The Dodo are trademarked by their rightful owner:, Inc. which is owned by Group Nine Media GNM: Serial Number: 86975013

World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films have no affiliation with GMN or The Dodo whatsoever.


Kittens and tigers eating next to each other!

The benefits of a tiger being a bit overweight!
wish I could have seen the look on my face when he kicked a hole through the door.
Only took his eyes of me when I walked away!

The Dumplins’ 12th day with us, they got their 3rd baths and you can see they are looking so much better! We took them to the shelters clinic the next day and the kittens tested negative for parasites. Everyone is looking pretty good! All of the sores on their noses are healing, although Seeley’s is healing slower. Seeley is still tiny but she’s a fighter. And she’s a girl. Their genitals were so swollen from all the poo that I had a hard time telling their genders. I’ve never had this problem before so it’s been a little frustrating. We also think Temperance is a boy. We will call him Brennan if we’re right about that. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a video explaining how to determine gender.

As I’ve said, videos always go up late on YouTube, but I post pretty much daily on Instagram and Facebook so you can find current updates and pictures there.

Our Best Toys Ever list can be found here:

*If you’d like to send a gift to help cover fostering costs, we now have an Amazon Wishlist set up:
The shelter covers all healthcare but we pay for all other fostering costs out of our own pocket. These costs include food, litter, bedding, etc. so any donations would be very much appreciated and would help us save more lives through fostering!

*ALL of our foster cats come to us through the Tulsa Animal Welfare shelter. ALL cats are spayed/neutered before they are adopted out through the shelter.*

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Dead Kittens – In Remembrance (snippet)

Dead Kittens’s debut “Pet Obituaries” is coming out on 23.2.18 on Noisolution.
Pre-order here:

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