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John’s home! The kittens were just starting a nap, but they’ll wake up for him. That does make it a bit easier to catch good photos, though, even if it wasn’t planned. Nappy kittens are slower kittens are more in-focus kittens, as a general rule.

Introducing Champagne and Mimosa – believed to be sisters, they were found by the side of the road and brought to Purrfect Pals. Mimosa is about a pound lighter than Champagne, and not quite at spay weight. She also has an eye issue that needs to clear up before spay. They’re at the FDJ Spa and Socialization Camp for a few weeks while all that is sorted out. They are 8-9 weeks old, very bonded, and will be adopted as a bonded pair. The tortie is Champagne, the panther is Mimosa.

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Five Little Kittens & Daddy Finger! Popular Kids Songs by Mickey & Minnie Mouse
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This Man Saved Kittens Dogs Birds Turtles & Dragons!!!
The Rescuers’ DNA Season 2 Episode 1

Meet Peter Crowe, an indie animal rescuer from Virginia who deployed to post Hurricane Harvey Vidor, Texas to assist in the recovery and reunions of people’s pets. #HurricaneHarvey

Peter gets some help from a Texas couple with a boat who are also in Vidor to help save lives.

They are all joined by veteran Canadian animal rescuer, Traci Dawson who, like Peter had been prepared for this day since they met in NOLA rescuing animals following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Carol Guzy, 4-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Photo Journalist, an old friend and rescuer pictorial biographer.

WA2S Films team member Deanna & Tom McPhee joined them all in the field on September 4, 2018. This is what happened.

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Kittens and tigers eating next to each other!

The benefits of a tiger being a bit overweight!
wish I could have seen the look on my face when he kicked a hole through the door.
Only took his eyes of me when I walked away!

The Dumplins’ 12th day with us, they got their 3rd baths and you can see they are looking so much better! We took them to the shelters clinic the next day and the kittens tested negative for parasites. Everyone is looking pretty good! All of the sores on their noses are healing, although Seeley’s is healing slower. Seeley is still tiny but she’s a fighter. And she’s a girl. Their genitals were so swollen from all the poo that I had a hard time telling their genders. I’ve never had this problem before so it’s been a little frustrating. We also think Temperance is a boy. We will call him Brennan if we’re right about that. Let me know in the comments if you’d like a video explaining how to determine gender.

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Dead Kittens – In Remembrance (snippet)

Dead Kittens’s debut “Pet Obituaries” is coming out on 23.2.18 on Noisolution.
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These Poor Kittens Were Rescued From A Roof In The Rain But One Of Them Grew Up To Live Like A King
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Enrique Iglesias And Anna Kournikova Have Stunning News – And They Kept It Under Wraps For 9 Months

Customs Ancient People Had That Would Be Completely Bizarre Today

After Charles II Of Spain Died In 1700, His Autopsy Revealed Some Truly Astonishing Results

A Graveyard Has Been Uncovered In Israel That Could Solve One Of The Bible s Greatest Mysteries

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Most Dangerous Jobs On The Planet

This Porsche Was Found 26 Years After It Was Stolen Then Police Saw Bones On The Ground Nearby

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Workers Investigated A Weird Noise From A Machine Then Saw Two Eyes Staring Right Back At Them

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Two Guys Broke Into And Then Explored An Abandoned Mansion In Houston

This Mother Was Overjoyed By Her Pregnancy But Then She Learned Her Bump Wasn t A Baby



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Cute and Funny Cats and Kittens – Do not watch if you are allergic to cuteness! Funny and cute animals. Cute cats, mom-cats and kittens behave, play and doing funny things. If you want to laugh well and raise your spirits, watch our video compilation of nice moments with pets. New video with cats, mom-cats and kittens. Without a cat and life is not the same))))
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Cute and Funny Cats and Kittens – Do not watch if you are allergic to cuteness!

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