Krajina charms you with her cute

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Born March 14th, 2017
Kitten #1: Maa (“mah” – Estonian/Finnish) Cream, boy, born at 3:17 am,
Kitten #2: Merēt (“meh-REH-t” – Amharic) Classic/marble tabby, boy, born at 3:37 am
Kitten #3: Terre Rayée (“Tair Ray-Ee” – French) Mackerel tabby, girl, born at 4:19 am
Kitten #4: Lok (Low-k (k, as in Oak), Thai) Black, boy, born at 5:12 am
Kitten #5: Krajina (“cry-nah” – Slovak) Cream, girl, born at 5:33 am
Kitten #6: Aina (“eye-nah”, Hawaiian, “returned to earth”): Tux girl, born at 10:18 am, stillborn
Kitten #7: Ela (“ay-la”, Cherokee) Black, girl, born at 11:35 am




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