The kittens are still playing in their original sets, some, but there’s more general group play now as well. Joti and Ioke, especially, seem to enjoy the chase and pounce to similar levels. Note the flattened ear pounce prep – but NO growl. That’s totally a play fierce. Even Nigel thinks about a quick pounce. He settles for trotting over to join Hazel at the food bowl though. Noms are important.

Five kittens – two litters, surrendered in Tacoma and brought to Purrfect Pals when they ran out of time.
They will be named after hurricanes that have had low impacts to life but still had their names retired.
Naming Rights winners, in sequence: Sara Unrein, Diane Kosis, Nancy Skooglund, Suzanne Brassel, Laurinda Burgess
Calico girl: Hazel (Pacific version)
Orange girl: Ioke (pronounced eye-oh-kee)
Tuxedo girl with smoke back/collar: Violet
Tuxedo girl, solid black: Joti (Joe-tee) (Was Miss Red)
Cow boy (hehe): Nigel (Was Mr Green)

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