The newest cat members of the pack – Rocky, Rambo and their mom Xena (the white cats) try wheatgrass for the first time. Is wheatgrass healthy for cats? Yes. And this is why:

The fiber in wheatgrass can help stimulate your kitty’s digestion. As a natural laxative, wheatgrass helps break down a number of constipation culprits, which commonly include any fur your kitty hasn’t already expelled in the form of a hairball. It’s also a known detoxifier. When eaten and digested, this detoxifier helps to flush toxins, an important step in maintaining your cat’s digestive health.

Wheatgrass contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals from vitamin A through calcium. Perhaps the most important vitamins for your kitty are vitamins E and B. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that may prevent heart disease and cancer and increase her immune system. B vitamins, notably B3 and B12, can speed up her metabolism, maintain a healthy skin and coat, strengthen her immune system, prevent anemia, reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer and stimulate her nervous system.

The chemicals, pesticides and herbicides found on many outdoor grasses can be toxic to your cat. One of the safest ways to offer her wheatgrass is to grow it yourself. Instead of growing it outside, start a small tray of wheatgrass in a warm, indoor spot for your kitty and watch her chow down with delight.


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