All the kittens have been adopted

Brushing the Cute Kittens with Toothbrush

So adorabe kittens, too cute for words! 😻😽
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Half a Dozen Kittens in a Basket!

*I volunteer with a rescue and these kittens will all be fixed and adopted into loving homes when old enough 🙂 They won’t be able to breed and to contribute to the overpopulation and euthanasia of kittens because of the lack of fosterers, adopters, and resources.


Today on Board AF we revisit imploding kittens! Who will be the first one out and have to wear the CONE OF SHAME??


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Mama cat and her kittens take over the Bed.

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Cute Kittens And Puppy’s Try Not To AW Challenge

Cute Vid of puppys and kittens meeting soooo cute help I was punished 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻. 🐱 + 🐶 = Aawwwwwwww I couldn’t help it

8 week old sphynx & Bambino kittens playing

Sphynx/Bambino Description

LiLNudists’ catteries amazing hairless and dwarf Bambino and Sphynx cats and kittens. Sphynx are a breed of hairless cats created by a naturally occurring genetic mutation which causes them to be bald. The very rare new hairless cat breed the Bambino cat breed is the direct result of the purposeful breeding between the Sphynx cat and the Munchkin cat. This produces the amazing Bambino who carriers on the naturally occurring traits for hairless-ness from the Sphynx cat, and the trait for short-legs, or dwarfism, from the Munchkin cat. Both breeds are amazingly friendly, loving, social and smart. The both have unique traits of hairlessness, large ears, and super smooth skin and YES…. lots of wrinkles! The Bambino walks with a unique little swagger to walk their way right into your heart!
Q: What are Sphynx hairless cats?
A: Sphynx cat is a hairless cat resulting from the selective breeding of a naturally occurring genetic mutation causing them to be born hairless. Most of today’s pedigreed Sphynx are descendants of the original three females, Q. Punkie and Q. Paloma, who were rescued from the streets of Toronto, Canada and sent to Dr. Hugo Hernandez in Holland in 1980. The offspring from these breeding’s were sold in the United States, Holland and France and are the foundation of most of our present day breeding Sphynx.

Q: What are Bambino hairless cats?
A: Bambinos are a very new, very rare breed. According to Lil Nudists Cattery, Stephanie and Pat Osborne of HolyMoly Cattery established and founded the Bambino cat in 2005. The Bambino is the purposeful outcross breeding between the Sphynx breed and the Munchkin cat. The Munchkin is a breed of cat, which has naturally spontaneously occurring autosomal dominant mutation causing distinctive short legs. This breed was studied extensively for years and was deemed to be a healthy genetically sound breed; which is fully eligible for Championship status with both major cat associations. The result of these breeding’s is a hairless cat like the Sphynx, with adorable short little legs!

Q: Are Sphynx cats completely hairless?
A: Not always. In fact, some Sphynx have patches of fur while others might be completely hairless.

Q: What does petting a Sphynx cat feel like?
A: They are soft and warm, similar to a peach. The best thing about them is that they don’t shed!

Q: What extra precaution does an owner need to take with a Sphynx cat or Bambino cat in comparison to a regular cat?
A: Since this breed is hairless they can easily become cold or sunburned.

Q. How big do Sphynx and Bambino cats get?
A: Sphynx and Bambinos are medium sized cats and can be 6 — 12 lbs.

Q: I would like more info on adopting one of these gorgeous babies, what do I do?
A: Simply contact one of our breeders in any of the following Cattery locations!

LiLNudists Jacksonville, Florida
(321) 537 –2763
[email protected]

LiLNudists Jacksonville (West), Florida
(724) 331-6879
[email protected]

LiLNudists Orlando, Florida
(407) 256-3514
[email protected]

LiLNudists Virginia
(703) 926-1158
[email protected]

LiLNudists Maryland
(443) 398-6759
[email protected]

LiLNudists California
(661) 202 – 8337
[email protected]


Introducing Kittens to a Queen

Queen accepts an orphaned kitten which was abandon by its mom.

Bad baby Little Kittens Наши котята ведь они такие милые. ВРЕДНЫЕ ДЕТКИ хотят быть мышеловами. Смешной кот Макс наш вредный малыш поймал мышь когда они были одни дома! Только жаль, что то пошло не так и она не настоящая. Наш кот мистер Макс почти плачет от досады. Ну какая должна быть у него реакция? И где найти коту настоящую мышь? ЭПИК ВЛОГ СОБРАНИЕ Челлендж для котенка И наш Прикольный кот
Видео Одни дома Для детей Kids Children
Вы на канале #Галчататв где мы снимаем видео для детей где участвуют наши домашние животные – кролик Баффи, Говорящий вредный Кот малыш мистер Макс, хомки и Куки и щенок Алиса. Оставайтесь с нами, подписывайтесь на наш канал

Наша группа в вконтакте

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Сrying Babies НАШЛИ маленького КОТЕНКА. Судьба спасенного малыша
СПАСЛИ КОТЕНКА под колесами автомобиля! Спасение котенка


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