I put an RC buggy car toy in to the play area so the kittens could get used to seeing kid’s toys once they get adopted.

4 tabby kittens

4 new foster Tabbies exploring a home for their 1st time. Since its quiet I added some piano music “My Heart Will Go On” which I always hope they will have a new life in a loving & forever home.

Kit Kat Reunited with her kittens

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)

Kittens open eyes!

Kittens open eyes at 9 days old =3!

Kittens Fight Club | Part 1| Funny Cats

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My cat had kittens!!!Storytime

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Feeding time. Kittens hungry

Month 2

If interested in adopting or helping with a donation please contact Rebecca’s Rescues Rebecca’s Rescues at
or theIr Facebook Page

Bengal kittens play in the living room


Kittens having fun… Wait what?

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