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Cute Christmas Kittens Images

Cute Christmas Kittens Images

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Boxes can become a kitty gym with some creativity from their humans! Exercise is very important for the indoor cats. Especially it is important for kittens, as they burst with abundance of energy.

Kittens have passion for boxes, we all know that! Boxes provide comfort and security, so important to felines. Boxes can be an endless source of amusement for all cats alike – from a kitten to a big lion.

Our Nine (Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier) is of course, no exception to this rule. One day he came up with his own set of kitty exercise in the box gym! High Jump, Hurdles, even the Catormula One (kitty version of car racing). I had to finally put the boxes away, as the Nine’s older brothers, Sky and Junior were fighting him for a chance to exercise! While Junior does need a lot of activity to keep his weight down, still – it is not fair to fight a kitten for the bench at the gym!

Nine is a 5 ½ months old Norwegian Forest Cat. He is our miracle, as he found our home in the middle of the nowhere! You can read his whole story on our website. He is very playful and athletic, just like any Wegie!

Nine and his Mom are in charge of Nine’s Catudio – the ex homeless’ kitten’s studio. They are working hard on building a community to help educate people about cats and their habits. Die hard cat fan, Nine’s Mom adopted and re homed a few strays and does know a thing or 2 about cats…. That’s why we are making this videos to show how adorable the cats are. To help people who are considering adopting a stray kitty to learn about cats and kittens. And of course, be prepared for the endless cuteness that kitties bring.

Visit The site was created to help our little wonder traveler, Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier. You can read his whole story there. He is truly a miracle sent upon!

We truly appreciate all and every one of you who takes time to watch Nine’s videos!
Please, comment below on what would you like to learn about our Wonder Nine and his brothers!
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Foster Kittens Pharaoh and Oaklyn Adopted!

*I volunteer with a rescue and these kittens will all be fixed and adopted into loving homes when old enough 🙂 They won’t be able to breed and to contribute to the overpopulation and euthanasia of kittens because of the lack of fosterers, adopters, and resources.

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The Muppet Kittens –

More about our rescue work:
Weight chart:
To adopt:

Mama: Camilla (named by Jean A.)
Black boy: Henson (named by Sally C.)
Grey boy: Fozzie (named by Mary R.)
Grey Tuxie Girl: Bean Bunny (named By Tosca M.)
Grey Tuxie Boy: Sweetums (named by Tania A.)

OCT 14: Mama and her four adorable ~3 week old kittens arrived today along with her previous litter of 7 or 8 months old kittens. Mom and her older kittens will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and returned to their barn home where they will be cared for by a lovely couple. The couple needed a little bit of help getting everyone spayed and neutered, and we were happy they got in touch with us. The four new kittens will be adopted into loving homes once they are old enough to be spayed/neutered.

We currently have eight adorable kittens available for adoption on our other live feed at ! They were rescued from the BC wildfires this summer, and are all healthy and super snuggly now. To adopt:


Weight Chart:

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Harassing a moderator in chat is grounds for a timeout or ban at the moderator’s discretion. Harassing a moderator outside of chat is grounds for banning and the sharing of your info to other cams for them to ban you as well.

This is uncensored rescue reality TV – we give the best care we possibly can, but sometimes we have sick cats/kittens, poo, live births, and any number of other things.

Concerning Trolls: Ignore them. That’s what they hate the most. Their goal is to upset you so you yell at them. They think this is funny.

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Thank mew so much to everyone who is watching!



Cats lovely family , so cute kitten and parents. Mother cat is breast -feeding his little chilld. Black cat is father , cutely hugs her….

Tituba’s Kittens: 23 Days Old

Tituba is a beautiful black cat with gorgeous yellow eyes. She came to live on the Carolina Kitten Ranch in September of 2017. On October 19, 2017 she had 6 kittens. This is the first litter born on the ranch. On October 24, 2017, Tituba became the foster mommy for an orphaned black kitten named August. Tituba is now raising 7 kittens. On November 7, 2017, they have moved beyond their bed to explore the rest of their childhood home, the “kitten coop.” To learn more about the Carolina Kitten Ranch rescue and fostering project for stray or feral cats and kittens please visit

Funny and cute Dogs meeting Kittens for the very first time. Cats and Dogs Funny Videos! Cats meet puppies, Try not to laugh Challenge! 🙂

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