This is the biggest litter of kittens we have had at WildroseBengals! They are just about 2 weeks old in this video. If you listen closely you can hear them purring!
Check out my website and Facebook page for lots of photos!

The Lounge Kittens Live at The Life Centre

Alison Clark’s recording of The Lounge Kittens

4-5 week old feral kittens rescued and adapting

in a last ditch effort to prostitute myself to find FurEver homes for these little Smile Inducers… here’s their evening activities… the one in the Kennel only arrived here today so, very careful about the potential human predators…

Kittens for Adoption!

These kittens were born feral in a Maplewood, New Jersey, backyard. They have been socialized and are now available to be adopted into a loving family’s home that doesn’t have cats already. They are good with kids and love to play and snuggle. Please contact haus.pets at yahoo dot com for more information.

Bengal kittens Pure bred 23 days old (born february 02 2009)
Mama Bengal nursing

Three Little Kittens

Cute, fluffy, little kittens in mittens and they all want pie!
Let’s all sing along with Jess and her darling kittens in the classic nursery rhyme, “Three Little Kittens.”

Great news : Storytime has finally arrived on Amazon USA . Click here for the listing :

Click here for the sing-along printable:

Join the Badanamu Club for free song activities and printables:


Ignore the hideous lighting of this video ; my recording software freaked out. Trust me, it’s bothering me more than you, haha!
I’m in the mood to film some more TS3. So, hopefully I can get another part up! Hope you all enjoy. ♥

• What Happened In This Video – Lindy heads to school to take exams on twiddling her thumbs while the rest of the family spruces up the yard.
Lindy then gets an opportunity which causes her to get brought home by the police. Later that evening, the cats try for kittens and Tanner sneaks out to flood the school only to get in big trouble.


Origin ID: LufSummer
Steam ID: Lifesimmer


Q: Name?
A: Cristina. My nickname is Stina.

Q: How Old Are You?
A: 17 Years Old.

Q: What Computer Do You Have?
A: Specs are listed under channel info.

Q: Facecam?
A: I do facecam every Saturday.

Q: Vlogs?
A: I have a second channel listed under Stina, you can find it in my side bar and descriptions.


Cougar kittens 6 month old at GarLyn Zoo

An updated video shows how much the two cougar kittens, Max and Genevieve have grown in just 6 months.

Gentle Giant Dog Cares for Baby Chicks and Kittens

This St. Bernard has a heart of gold! He shares his water dish with baby chicks and kittens. When ordering, please reference catalog # 508306.

Happiness is being followed by a kitten.

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