Video of cat saved by Abu Dhabi Civil Defence goes viral
Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence rescued a kitten trapped on a busy street in the capital on Thursday morning.
Colonel Mohammad Abdul Jaleel Al Ansari, Director General of Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, said the operation room received a call about the kitten trapped on Shaikh Zayed Street (popularly known as Salam Street) on Thursday morning. A Civil Defence team in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police blocked the road and rescued the kitten, he said in a press release issued by the Ministry of Interior. He said the Civil Defence always deals with such incidents seriously by upholding the humanitarian and animal welfare principles.
A video showing this heart-warming gesture by Abu Dhabi Civil Defence has gone viral on social media.
The video shows at least five Civil Defence personnel walking on a four-lane empty street, which was blocked by them for the rescue mission, and catching a black kitten sitting on the shoulder of the road.

After catching the kitten, the men were seen running towards three Civil Defence trucks parked on the same road.
Heavy traffic is seen on the other part of the road.
Thousands of people have already watched the video that was originally posted on the Instagram account of Abu Dhabi Network. A representative of Abu Dhabi Network told Gulf News that the video was sent to them by a resident.
People have lauded the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence men for the gesture
UAE traffic comes to a standstill to save cat
A kitten that got stuck in highway traffic in Abu Dhabi was rescued by Civil Defense teams.

A video capturing the moment went viral on social media, including Instagram, which has so far gained thousands of views.

The 44-second video shows four firefighters walking to the standard kitten, before gently picking it up and running back to their vehicles. Three firefighter trucks were used to block the road.

Colonel Mohammed Abdul Jalil Ansari, Director General of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, said the operations room received a report on Thursday morning claiming that a cat was standard near Sheikh Zayed Street.
“The cat was unable to get-off the street because of the traffic congestion.”

Colonel Ansari pointed out that the Civil Defense and the traffic patrols, were eventually able to stop the street traffic, while maintaining the safety on the roads and rescuing the frightened kitten.

The Civil Defense said that the teams deal with similar incidents continuously in the UAE, and take both humanitarian and animal welfare seriously.

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সংযুক্ত আরব আমিরাতের সিভিল ডিফেন্সের রাস্তার মাঝখানে বিড়াল উদ্ধার: বিড়াল যে ব্যস্ত সড়ক আটকে আছে
ОАЕ гражданска защита спасяване коте по средата на пътя: котка, че беше вкарано в оживена магистрала
Chinese Simplified:
阿联酋民防救援在路中间的一只小猫︰ 猫咪被困在繁忙的高速公路
Chinese Traditional:
阿聯酋民防救援在路中間的一隻小貓︰ 貓咪被困在繁忙的高速公路
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