The little miscreants woke John a bit before his usual time for being up. They get the curtain opened, the cube moved, and box scooped along with their pettings and snuggles, but then John’s back to bed for a bit before facing the morning.

New Collars: Vixen (pink), Dancer (purple), Donner (red), & Prancer (cyan)

Found abandoned in a box next to a road without a mom, the kittens were taken to a local shelter and then transferred to Purrfect Pals.

The girls are Vixen (pink) & Dancer (yellow)
Boys are Cupid (blue), Donner (orange), and Prancer (green)
Cupid was taken to the ER vet the evening of Jan 1st due to growing unresponsiveness but his little body just didn’t have the strength. He passed around 4 pm, Jan 4th.
Born approximately October 28th (est. 7 weeks old on arrival) and weighing about 1 lb, they will need to double their weights to 2 lbs and be healthy before they can be neutered & spayed and then put up for adoption.

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