Rescued September 10th, 2017 Jewel was heavily pregnant and taken to a vet in Western Sydney by a local man who noticed she was about to go into labor.

She had four kittens – all boys – born safely. But they didn’t have a home to go to… So the vet reached out to rescue group URBAN CAT ALLIANCE for an emergency foster carer.

Just 4 hours after they were born, mama Jewel and her kittens were brought into Kitten O’clock foster care. It wasn’t an easy start for any of them!

Mama Jewel is semi-feral and super shy with humans. She hid under a bed and refused to feed her babies. She wouldn’t eat or drink. We had to intervene with sub-q fluids and keep her in a crate so she couldn’t hide from her kittens. She finally let the kittens feed and even received pats on the head without hissing!

Two weeks later we had another stumble – they ALL came down with Upper Respiratory Infections (cat flu) and required more sub-q fluids and antibiotics, and eye treatments.

I am certain none of the kittens would have survived if no-one intervened.

Now the kittens are strong and healthy! Jewel still has a way to go with trusting humans but we’re getting there slowly. She is a very sweet, shy and very caring mama cat.

Her two other kittens Jasper and Jet have already been adopted into a wonderful forever home!
Let’s get these guys into the home they deserve!

Is a friendly former feral 18 month old boy trapped, neutered but NOT released because he was already way too friendly! He wandered into a trap we had set in a local woman’s backyard who had discovered a family of kittens and their mama – we had trapped all but one kitten that hadn’t been seen in over a week. We suspect Phoenix is the baby daddy of those kittens. He’s getting a few extra etiquette lessons at Kitten O’Clock but is also available for adoption into the right loving home.

Phoenix LOVES to play with the kittens so you’ll see him pop up on the live stream from time to time πŸ™‚

Kitten O’Clock is a foster mama for Sydney based rescue URBAN CAT ALLIANCE based in north west Sydney.

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