After 2 days, the kittens had become lethargic, we realized they weren’t getting enough milk from mama & they needed to be treated for fleas. You have to act fast when you see a kitten starting to decline. I contacted the shelter as soon as I saw they had fleas because kittens can become anemic very quickly. They gave us treatments for the fleas and I knew it was time to try supplementing with formula. We had a unique situation with 2 mama cats and 2 litters of babies. We noticed immediately that Sheeka wouldn’t nurse or lay down with the babies. This left Rose to nurse all 7 babies. But her body wasn’t able to produce enough milk for the extra kittens. These babies didn’t really like humans when they came to us but I had to see if they were getting enough nourishment. If the kittens refuse the formula, spit it out or clamp their mouth shut, chances are good that they are well fed. But if they GULP down the formulas like these babies did, you will know for sure that they’re not getting enough milk from mama. Now back to the mama’s… Sheeka was darn near ready to tear down the bathroom door on the FIRST day with us. She was constantly trying to get out and wouldn’t nurse the babies at all. That put a lot of pressure on mama Rose to care for these babies on her own. It also left her with very little milk. You could tell they were both stressed out and by the morning of the 3rd day it was obvious that neither mama would be nursing the babies. We talked to the shelter and decided that since the babies were starting to eat on their own, we would bring both moms back to be adopted. This litter has really kept us on our toes! After dealing with the fleas I continued to give them supplemental formula feedings because they weren’t eating enough wet and dry food. They started having diarrhea and had to be treated for Coccidia. After talking to Tiane about the kittens still not eating a whole lot she recommended that we switch them over to Royal Canin Mother and Babycat. This is a pretty expensive food so it’s not something we can afford to feed all of our fosters all of the time. BUT, some amazing soul out there had donated a bag of the dry and a case of the wet RC to the shelter and Tiane was able to pass that on to us. The dry food is much smaller and the wet food is softer, making it easier for a kitten to eat and digest. It made a HUGE difference and our kittens were eating better immediately! We were so thankful for that donation. While all of this was going on with the kittens, my whole family got sick with the flu. On Spring break. So you can understand how I got WAY behind on posting this video! I did, however, keep posting on Instagram and Facebook so if you missed the kittens for the last 2 weeks, go check out our accounts there and get caught up!
As I’ve said before, the shelter covers all healthcare but we pay for all other fostering costs out of our own pocket. These costs include food, litter, bedding, toys, gas to drive to & from the shelter, etc. If you’d like to send a gift to help cover fostering costs, we now have an Amazon Wishlist set up:
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